10 Free Winnipeg Public Library Services to Get You Through COVID-19 Social Distancing Days


Credit: Winnipeg Public Library

City of Winnipeg Public Library locations across the city are closed to prevent the rapid rate of spread of COVID-19.

Even though the Public Library locations are closed, Winnipeg Public Library provides plenty of free services that you can access without you ever having to set foot in a “physical” location.

Don’t have a library card? Get one online by registering here.

Here are 10 of the best free services to help you through social distancing:


1. Get access to News from around the World: Your library card gives online access to newspapers and magazines from many countries and in different languages via PressReader. You can also search the archives of a wide variety of newspapers from across Canada.

You can also search for reliable health information from basic questions to in-depth research using MedlinePlus, KidsHealth.


2. Learn to play an instrument: Learn to play musical instruments with step-by-step instructions and lessons video lessons led by experts.

3. Watch free movies:

Watch a variety of content by streaming or downloading the video from your library with the following video services:

  • hoopla digital – watch up to 5 movies per month with 3-day loan period. One of the best part is – You can stream them to your TV screen!
  • Kanopy – watch up to 5 items per month with 3-day loan period
  • OverDrive

4. Brush up your skills or learn something new: Access over 3,500 video tutorial courses led by experts on web design, software development, project management, graphic design audio, photography, business skills, home and small office, 3D + Animation, music, video editing and more through online learning classes like lynda.com.

5. Prepare for tests: Need to sit for IELTS? You can prepare for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam with interactive learning modules.

Use library resources to get find a new job or switch careers. Resumé & Cover Letter Builder will help you write an effective resumé. For more information about career planning, interviewing and other related topics, please visit the Career Development Gateway.

6. Learn a new language: Self-isolation and social distancing period may be the best time to learn a new language through hoopla digital and overdrive. Search for “language learning” in the hoopla search bar and “Foreign language study” in overdrive for free materials.

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7. Study through Online Help: There are also several adult learning programs available online with a Winnipeg Public library card.

8. Listen to chart-topping music in every genre: Did you know that you library card gives you 24/7 access to some great music? Download or stream thousands of music titles for free with services like

9. Get to know your world – Ancient & Modern: Your library is a great resource to learn about local Manitoba history. These online resources will give you access to some great materials:

10. Read a magazine or a book: From Reader’s Digest to Cosmo, you can download a variety of magazines that covers a variety of topics — news, business, entertainment, fashion, and more. Download ebooks from comics to non-fiction to cookbooks using overdrive or rb digital! Online ebooks are also available from:

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