15 Best Bakeries in Winnipeg


La Belle Baguette

Is there anything better than fresh-baked treats? We don’t think so! These 15 bakeries in Winnipeg sell delicious baked goods that will get your mouth watering.

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Goodies Bake Shop

Since 1984, Goodies Bake Shop has provided Winnipeg citizens with expertly crafted baked goods. Whether you’re in the mood for macarons, pies, pastries, or a piece of cake, Goodies has it. They also sell gelato, which makes a great cool treat on a hot summer day!

Address: 1124 Ellice Ave.
Contact: (204) 949-2480

Lilac Bakery


Whether you’re ordering a cake for a special event, or just in the mood for a sweet treat, Lilac Bakery is the perfect place to go. They make everything themselves from scratch and have every baked good under the sun. From cookies to cakes to macarons, you’ll satisfy any craving for sweets at Lilac Bakery.

Address: 920 Grosvenor Ave.
Contact: (204) 992-8000

Hildegard’s Bakery

Using organic flour and a wood-fired brick oven, Hildegard’s Bakery makes mouth-watering baked goods including bread and pizza. If you’re looking for something a little more savoury from your bakery, this is the place to go. They even sell soups and coffee!

Address: 686 Portage Ave.
Contact: (204) 615-0889

High Tea Bakery

From events to corporate gatherings to simple spontaneous cravings, High Tea Bakery can provide you with the baked treats you’re looking for. Take a look at their everyday menu to see their range of cookies shortbreads and other tasty treats. If you have a party or event, why not get High Tea Bakery to make a cake?

Address: 2103 Portage Ave.
Contact: (204) 775-0264


High Tea Bakery

Jeanne’s Bakery

Jeanne’s Bakery has been a Winnipeg staple for decades. Although their dainties are equally delicious, Jeanne’s is best known for their log cakes. Made with shortbread cookie crust and with chocolate shavings decorating the sides, these cakes are a classic! You can even request specialty cakes for any special event you might be throwing.

Address: 931 Notre Dame Ave.
Contact: (204) 774-2554

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Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company

Located in Winnipeg’s cozy Wolseley neighbourhood, as well as the historic Forks, you’ll find a range of baked products at Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company. Stop by for a sweet treat, or pick up a few loaves of bread. They also offering catering, so be sure to consider them for your next event!

Address: 859 Westminster Ave./1 Forks Market Rd.
Contact: 204-783-5097


Tall Grass Prairie Bread Co.

The Pennyloaf Bakery

You’ll find this quaint bakery in Winnipeg’s Little Italy on Corydon. Visit them for all your cookie, scone, and cake needs. You’ll even find sourdough bread, as tasty as it is beautiful to look at!

Address: 858 Corydon Ave.
Contact: (204) 452-2957


The Pennyloaf Bakery

Cottage Bakery & Café

Whether you’re looking for a tasty pie, or just stopping by for a cup of coffee, Cottage Bakery & Café has it all. Here, you’ll find breads, sourdoughs, cookies, pies, and buns. With so many options, you can’t go wrong at this café!

Address: 1382 Pembina Hwy.
Contact: (204) 284-3602

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La Belle Baguette

Is there anything better than French baking? If you’re in the mood for some serious goodness, you’ll want to visit La Belle Baguette. From croissants to tarts to cheesecakes, La Belle Baguette will satisfy any craving you have. They even sell chocolate covered almonds, as well as dainty platters.

Address: 248 Avenue de la Cathedrale
Contact: (204) 219-2123


La Belle Baguette

Gunn’s Bakery

Since 1937, Gunn’s Bakery has provided Winnipeg with delicious, kosher baked goods. From bagels and breads to cookies and cakes, you’ll find every type of pastry you could possibly want at Gunn’s. They even carry a range of savoury goodies, if you’re not in the mood for anything sweet!

Address: 247 Selkirk Ave.
Contact: (204) 582-2364

Jenna Rae Cakes

With two locations in the city, you’re never too far away from a sweet treat from Jenna Rae Cakes. Whether you’re in the mood for some cookies or cupcakes, or you’re throwing an event and need a cake made up for it, Jenna Rae Cakes has got you covered. They even have their own cookbook, so you can try recreating their delicious treats for yourself!

Address: 580 Academy Rd.
Contact: (204) 691-4222


Jenna Rae Cakes

The Crusty Bun

Looking for some European-style baking? The Crusty Bun is the perfect place to go! You’ll find a huge range of buns and breads, plus you’ll get to feel good about supporting local when you shop from this bakery.

Address: 1026 St. Mary’s Rd.
Contact: (204) 257-7311

Sweet Impressions

If you have dietary restrictions, it can be hard to find baked goods. Luckily, Sweet Impressions offers vegan and flourless options for their treats, and their products are nut-free. You’ll find cakes, cookies, and cupcakes at this bakery. Plus they also have holiday-themed goods, so make sure to check those out too!

Address: 669 Stafford St.
Contact: (204) 237-0743


Sweet Impressions

Arabelle’s Bakery

You’ll find a range of products at this bakery. Whether you’re just looking for a loaf of bread, in the mood for a jam buster, or want to grab some meat pies for dinner, Arabelle’s Bakery can help you. You can’t go wrong with so many tasty items available!

Address: 1284 Archibald St.
Contact: (204) 942-8271

Harvest Bakery & Deli

This bakery is the perfect place to go for all your baking needs. Whether you need bread, bagels, or buns, Harvest Bakery has it. They also sell tasty sweet treats like cookies and cakes. And don’t forget about their deli!

Address: 1857-A Grant Ave.
Contact: (204) 489–1086

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      Why was “A l’Epi de ble” not on this list it is the best classic ftench bakery in the city

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