15 Best Places to Fish Around Regina

15 Best Places to Fish Around ReginaWhile Regina is far from the northern lakes in the province that are known to be excellent sport fishing destinations, there are still plenty of really great spots within a few hours of Regina.

The Qu’Appelle River System and the Fishing Lakes are probably the most popular lakes in the area to fish (and also arguably the most beautiful!). There are many different species of fish that can be caught in this area, including channel catfish, which are quite rare in the province.

Boundary Dam is also the only place in the province where largemouth bass can be caught. If you’re looking for a trophy sized catch, large pike and walleye can still be found in southern lakes, even close to Regina.

There are lakes, rivers, and reservoirs that dot the province all around Regina, perfect for a day away or for a longer vacation.

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1. Echo Lake

Echo Lake is less than an hour northeast of Regina, about half an hour north from Fort Qu’Appelle. The lake is known for the stunning views and gorgeous scenery. Echo Valley Provincial Park is located between Echo Lake and Pasqua Lake and provides a whole host of activities that the entire family can enjoy. The park features two beaches, camping, a playground, beach volleyball, mini-golf, hiking trails, and more. In the park, on the north end of Echo Lake’s beach, there is a public boat launch and a dock. The beach can be accessed off of Highway 210.

Echo Lake is part of the Qu’Appelle River, which is known for its good fishing. Echo Lake is extremely popular as a getaway destination and its proximity to the city can mean that it’s also busy with day trippers, but avoiding peak times like mid-day can help you find a quiet spot. Walleye enthusiasts will likely be thrilled with their trip, but pike and perch can also be caught.


2. Boundary Dam Reservoir

Boundary Dam Reservoir is just over two hours south of Regina, and is just ten minutes south of Estevan. Even though this one is a little bit more of a drive, it’s definitely worth those extra minutes. The reservoir’s warm waters make it a unique place to fish. There are different ways to access the lake. The Woodlawn Regional Park features a beach, camping, beach volleyball, and hiking trails. The boat launch is located in the park.

The usual pike, perch, and walleye can all be caught in the reservoir, but because the waters are so warm, they also provide a unique habitat for largemouth bass. While the fish were first stocked, they now thrive in the warm waters. In fact, the reservoir is the only place in the entire province where you can fish for largemouth bass. If you’ve never fished for bass, it’s a fun experience that you won’t soon forget.

3. Last Mountain Lake (Long Lake)


Last Mountain Lake, also known as Long Lake, is located just half an hour north of Regina. The towns of Govan, Nokomis, and Semans are located nearby. At 93km long, Last Mountain Lake, which is long and narrow, is the largest naturally occurring body of water in the southern part of the province. Last Mountain Lake Regional Park is situated along the lake’s norther side. The park is actually located inside the Last Mountain Lake Bird Sanctuary- the oldest bird sanctuary in North America! The park has many different attractions that make it a popular destination for people of all ages. There is a beach, beach volleyball, outdoor pool, golf course, and camping. The boat launch can also be accessed inside the park.

Even though Last Mountain Lake is in close proximity to Regina, the lake is large, which makes it easy to find a more private spot out on the water, even during the high traffic season that draws larger crowds. The lake actually has quite a few species of fish, which is always exciting. Walleye, pike, perch, whitefish, carp, and burbot can all be caught. The lake has drawn attention in the past as a good sport fishing destination for the large walleye, massive pike, and huge carp that have been produced.

4. Katepwa Lake

Katepwa Lake is just an hour drive from Regina, and just fifteen minutes from both Indian Head and Fort Qu’Appelle. The lake is a favorite for locals to fish due to the close proximity to the city, but also because the fishing is generally quite good. Katepwa Point Provincial Park is a hotspot getaway during the warmer months for both families looking for recreational activities to enjoy, boaters, and anglers. There is a boat launch in the park located by the park’s beach. There are actually two other boat launches on the lake as well. One along the west side and the other on the east side of the lake.

The fishing on Katepwa Lake is good from both the shore or from right on the lake. The lake’s population of larger walleye and pike make it a popular fishing destination. Perch can also be caught. Fishing west of the beach is a popular place for anglers looking to fish from shore. The water can get busy during peak times, but if you’re looking to catch walleye, they are generally more active in the evening and morning anyway. Pike and perch often bite at any time of the day.

5. Buffalo Pound Lake

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park is located just twenty minutes northeast of Moose Jaw, and just under an hour west of Regina. The park is a great destination for those looking to getaway for the night or for longer stays. There are many recreational opportunities both in the park and on the lake. Canoeing and kayaking are popular, as is the park’s beach and the hiking trails that traverse the rolling hills. There captive herd of buffalo in the park are always fascinating to spot. The boat launch is located in the park.

Buffalo Pound Lake is a great lake for beginner anglers, but it can also be fun for experienced anglers as well. Perch are plentiful in the lake, and can generally be quite easily caught, which makes it fun for younger fishing enthusiasts. Walleye, pike, and burbot can be caught as well. If you’ve always wanted to practice your fly fishing skills, be sure to check out the stocked Buffalo Pound Trout Pond in the park.

6. Pasqua Lake

Echo Valley Provincial Park borders two different lakes- Echo Lake and Pasqua Lake. Pasqua Lake, part of the Qu’Appelle Valley River, is located an hour northwest of Regina, just fifteen minutes from Fort Qu’Appelle, and can be accessed on the west side of highway 210. The boat launch is on the south end of the lake’s public beach. Pasqua Lake, like the other Qu’Appelle Lakes, is known for the beauty of the surrounding area and the incredibly scenic vistas right from the lake.

Like the other lakes in the Qu’Appelle River system, Pasqua Lake is best known for walleye, pike, and perch. Check out the articles below for bait and spot recommendations on the lake, as there are many hotspots that can be fished at all different times of the day and season.

7. Mission Lake/Lebret Lake

Mission Lake, also known as Lebret Lake, is located an hour from Regina, and is right by Fort Qu’Appelle and west of Lebret. Along with the other lakes in the Qu’Appelle River System, Mission Lake is a popular lake and draws quite a bit of traffic all season long. One of the best ways to get on the lake is to head to the beach area, which is on the northwest side of the lake, as there is a boat launch there. Mission Lake is truly beautiful as well, with gorgeous scenery that can be enjoyed right from the lake.

Like the other Qu’Appelle Lakes, Mission Lake is good for pike, perch, and walleye fishing. Mission Lake is a good lake for younger anglers just learning. The fish are often plentiful, but most are usually on the smaller side.

8. Regina Beach


You might not immediately think of Regina Beach as a great area to fish because it’s so well known for its beach and tourism/resort town feel. Located just over half an hour northwest of Regina, Regina Beach is a quite a unique area. While the beach is amazing, the water is just right for a day of recreational boating or watersports, and there are great events held by the community, as well as restaurants and shops, but it’s also a fantastic place to fish. In fact, the Regina Beach Lions Walleye Classic is held annually. The boat launch to get on the lake is located right by the Regina Beach Recreation Site.

Regina Beach is situated on the south shore of Last Mountain Lake. The lake is so big that the Regina Beach area can definitely be classed in its own category. Large walleye and large pike have all been produced in Last Mountain Lake. The lake has also been known for producing some large carp, which are also exciting to fish for. Perch, whitefish, and burbot can also be caught. The lake is a favorite to fish both summer and winter.

9. Rafferty Reservoir

Located just under two hours southeast of Regina, forty minutes from Estevan, and just half an hour from Weyburn, Mainprize Regional Park, which runs adjacent to the Rafferty Reservoir,is one of those perhaps lesser known escapes that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The park features a campground, cabins for rent, a golf course, beach, and of course, a great body of water to fish.

The Rafferty Reservoir is quite well known in the area as a great fishing spot. Walleye, pike, and perch can all be caught in the reservoir. There is a boat launch located in the Regional Park. The park, and the reservoir, can be enjoyed by anglers of all ages and skill levels.

10. Round Lake

Round Lake is the last lake connected by the Qu’Appelle River System. The lake is popular for recreational activities and many cabins can either be bought or rented along the lake. There are two different areas to camp by the lake as well. Crooked Lake Provincial Park is located just ten minutes west of the lake. The lake is two hours northeast of Regina. There is a boat launch on the north shore of the lake, in Bird’s Point Resort Village.

Round Lake can be a fun lake to fish because of all the different species that can be found in the waters. Walleye, perch, and pike are most common, but there are also different types of suckers, channel catfish, carp, burbot, and rock bass. Catfish are not commonly found in Saskatchewan, and they can be very fun to fish for. Rock bass, too, are quite fun to catch. The Round Lake Dam is a good place to try your luck with channel cats.

11. Crooked Lake


Crooked Lake is situated in the Qu’Appelle Valley, which is a gorgeous area. If you haven’t visited it yet, you should! The lake is located just under two hours east of Regina, fifteen minutes from Grenfell, and fifteen minutes north of Broadview.

The Crooked Lake Provincial Park boasts many recreational activities to round out or extend your fishing trip. The park has a beautiful beach, a campground, hiking trails, and a golf course nearby. The boat launch to get on Crooked Lake is also located in the park. The lake is a popular getaway destination and is used for watersports and for fishing year round.

Crooked Lake is an enjoyable lake to fish in both the warmer and colder months. The main fish in the lake are walleye, pike, perch, and rock bass. There are many different spots on the lake that will usually produce fish. See the article below for just a few of these awesome locations.

12. Qu’Appelle River

The Qu’Appelle River flows for 430km, from Lake Diefenbaker to join with the Assiniboine River in Manitoba. There are many different points of access for those who want to fish the Qu’Appelle River closer to Regina.

Fishing near Fort Qu’Appelle by the Fishing Lakes is a great way to get access to the river, and it’s only about a forty-five minute drive from Regina. The area is renowned for its beauty and attracts people of all ages and experience levels just about all year round.

If you fish the river in the Qu’Appelle Valley, you’ll have a good chance of catching many different species. Pike, walleye, perch, whitefish, burbot, carp, different suckers, channel catfish, and more all call the river home. Channel catfish are extremely exciting to fish for, as they aren’t found in most other parts of the province.

13. Kenosee Lake

Kenosee Lake is a bit of a hike from Regina, at just over two hours, but there are so many things to do and see in the area, it’s well worth the journey. Moose Mountain Provincial Park is located right next to the village of Kenosee Lake. There is camping, a beach, beach volleyball, golf, mini golf, hiking trails, shops, restaurants, and the amazing Kenosee Superslides right in the area, which makes it a perfect place to bring the entire family and make a getaway out of your fishing trip. The Moose Mountain Boat Launch is located just down from the Kenosee Lake Main Beach.

The lake will delight walleye anglers, as walleye have been stocked in the past to help increase the population of fish in the lake. Perch have also been stocked as part of the efforts to help the fish population survive and thrive in the lake. The lake is dotted with islands and bays. Fishing these will usually produce good results, but you can also keep on the lookout for underwater structure, as walleye often congregate in these areas.

14. Condie Reservoir

If you’re looking for a good little fishing spot that is extremely close to the city, don’t miss the Condie Reservoir. The reservoir is located just twenty minutes northwest of Regina. It’s not a premium sport fishing destination by any means, but it’s not often that busy when it comes to fishing, and it’s a good place to bring the whole family just for a getaway from the city. The area is quite beautiful and also features a hiking/walking path.

The pike fishing at the reservoir is generally quite good, while perch are often much harder to catch. Pike fishing can be fun and exciting for people of any age and just about any lure will do the trick, so you don’t need to be an expert angler by any means. The reservoir is quite small, and fishing from shore at all different points will usually produce good results.

15. Avonlea Reservoir

While the Avonlea Reservoir isn’t a premier sport fishing destination either, it is a fun place to get away to that will still usually produce decent results. The reservoir is located just under an hour southwest of Regina. The reservoir is a great learner or beginner body of water, perfect for younger anglers or those who just want to get out on the water and don’t care about catching a trophy sized fish. The area is quite beautiful, as an added bonus. There are several boat launches on the lake. Dunnet Regional Park is located on the north end of the reservoir and there is a public boat launch that can be used there as well.

The reservoir has a healthy population of smaller sized pike, walleye, and more decent sized perch. The fish are quite plentiful as the reservoir is stocked every other year, so chances of catching something are quite good.

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