25 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Vancouver

25 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Vancouver

Credit: Bandidas Taqueria

As one of the healthiest cities in North America, the options for delicious, hearty and impressive vegetarian food is impressive in Vancouver. The food is creative and memorable and leaves you feeling satisfied and content. Whether its date night, a family evening or youre wanting to treat yourself, here are 25 of the best vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver.

1. Bandidas Taqueria

A delicious Mexican restaurant offering memorable dishes including breakfast tacos, hearty nachos and warming soups. The restaurant is bright and welcoming with plenty of seating!
Address: 2781 Commercial Dr, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-568-8224


2. Heirloom

After one visit to Heirloom, you will see why its rated one of the top restaurants in the city. Heirloom is open for brunch, lunch and dinner. The food is fabulous, diverse and creative with locally sourced ingredients in a pleasant, bright setting.
Address: 1509 W 12th Ave, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-733-2231

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3. Nuba

With 3 locations across the city, wherever you pick, you are bound to be impressed by the creative Lebanese dishes at Nuba. The menu does offer meat but there are countless vegetarian dishes that its one of the favourites amongst the vegetarians in the city. Plus, their wine list is vegan and organic.
Address: 207 W Hastings St, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-688-1655

4. The Acorn Restaurant

25 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Vancouver

Credit: The Acorn

A high-end choice, The Acorn offers creative fair with ambitious choices sourced locally and seasonally with care. It’s a stylish restaurant and bar that is a great option for a special night out.
Address: 3995 Main St, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-566-9001

5. The Naam

One of the oldest running establishments in the cities, this causal eatery offers delicious and generous portions with a hearty and warming vibe.
Address: 2724 W 4th Ave, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-738-7151

6. Budgies Burritos

Located in trendy Main street, this eccentric over the counter burrito joint serves up mouth-watering Mexican with memorable flavours. Pick your style and pick your heat at this delicious spot.
Address: 44 Kingsway, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-874-5408

7. Dharma Kitchen

The dishes at Dharma Kitchen are all vegan, made with love and focus on delivering healthy fare in every bite. The restaurant focuses on sustainability, nourishment and the menu’s expansive with something for every craving!
Address: 3667 W Broadway, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-738-3899

8. Panz Veggie Restaurant

This Chinese eatery is a long-standing establishment in the city with a 100% vegan menu offering hearty portions and fresh, ethical and sustainable ingredients.
Address: 3485 Fraser St, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-564-3485

9. Kokomo

Kokomo states that they’re inspired by the sun – the ultimate source of life. The food at Kokomo is all plant- based, delicious and diverse. At Kokomo you can find acai bowls to chickpea curry. Yum!
Address: 611 Gore Ave, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-428-6599

10. Indigo Age Café

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Vancouver

Credit: Indigo Age Cafe

Explore the unique establishment of Indigo Age Café with a delicious expansive and fresh menu of organic and local ingredients. There is a large range of food including a wonderful Ukrainian menu in the trendy gastown – perfect for a pitstop while exploring.
Address: 436 Richards St, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-622-1797

11. MeeT

MeeT is a local favourite and a must do when in the city. There so popular that they’ve opened in 3 locations. MeeT offers a causal menu of hearty favourties such as burgers, poutines, rice bowls and interesting starters. MeeT includes delicious alternatives that you can even trick your meat loving friends. The portions are huge so arrive hungry!
Address: 4288 Main St, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-696-1010

12. Shizenya

With a focus on fresh sushi across town, vegetarians don’t need to miss out on the culinary treat of Japanese food. At Shizenya, you can enjoy health-oriented sushi and Japanese with brown rice, organic greens and load of vegetarian options!
Address: 965 Hornby St, Vancouver
Phone: 1 604-568-0013

13. Tera V Burger

For one memorable burger, head to Tera V Burger. Enjoy delicious meat free burgers without compromising on taste. Paired with delicious fries or salad, it will keep you coming back again and again.
Address: 2961 W Broadway, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-336-3575

14. The Wallflower

This informal favourite on main street is a modern, spunky diner with comfort food eats for vegetarians. Enjoy brunch, lunch or dinner with an expansive menu!
Address: 2420 Main St, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-568-7554

15. The Black Lodge

A little off the beaten track, The Black Lodge is a cosy, rustic eatery with comfort fare including veggie chick’n drumstick, Philly cheese steak, hot dogs and more. Diet, who?
Address: 317 E Broadway, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-428-5911

16. Chickpea food truck

For a quick stop, head to the chickpea food truck for delicious, plant based Mediterranean fare including mouth-watering hummus plates and falafel.
Address: 884 W Cordova St, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-620-0602

17. The Green Moustache Organic Café

25 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Vancouver

Credit: The Green Moustache Organic Café

For food made from scratch, just like Grandmas, head to The Green Moustache Organic Café. Nourish your body with delicious, nutritious cold pressed juices, smoothies, meal and desserts. The menus is exciting and refreshing.
Address: 117 W 1st St, North Vancouver
Phone: 1 604-971-1855

18. TurF

For ridiculously tasty food, chill vibes, TurF in Kitsilano is a great choice! TurF has an expansive menu of vegan eats and wonderful drinks. We recommend checking them out for a delicious brunch!
Address: 2041 W 4th Ave, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-428-9970

19. The Juice Truck

As the name, you will be treated to healthy and delicious drinks and smoothies at the casual Juice Truck. The venue also hosts light eats such as yogurt bowls and acai.
Address: 28 W 5th Ave, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-260-6943

20. Aphrodite’s Organic Café

With a focus on farm to table, this community focussed eatery offers an expansive menu with fresh eats and friendly service. This local jaunt boasts being Vancouver best kept secret – so be sure to check out what the hype is all about!
Address: 3605 W 4th Ave, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-733-8308

21. Vij’s

Vij’s is a celebrated eatery in Vancouver with creative and impressive Indian dishes with a huge amount of vegetarian eats. While you wait for your table, the impressive and lively service offers delicious cocktails and starters!
Address: 3106 Cambie St, Vancouver
Phone: 1 604-736-6664

22. The Birds and The Beets

This eclectic café in the heart of gastown is a welcoming and warm atmosphere that everyone feels happy to be in. The food menu is light, easy and delicious. With both meat and veggie options, its accessible for all.
Address: 55 Powell St, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-893-7832

23. Café deux soleils

A welcoming and comforting eatery, this vegetarian jaunt has been going for over 20 years! Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with activities like live music, poetry nights, Café Deux Soleils is ready to welcome you any time any day!
Address: 2096 Commercial Dr, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-254-1195

24. Virtuous Pie

This modern spot is the place to go for creative vegan pizza with interesting toppings paired delicious drinks like local craft beer and kombuchas! Finish off the meal with a creative, vegan ice cream!
Address: 583 Main St, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-620-0060

25. Beetbox Veg

25 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Vancouver

Credit: Beetbox

Boasting a menu of ‘conscious comfort food’, this 100% plant-based eatery serves up delicious burgers, wonderful hot and cold sides all in a comfortable atmosphere in the heart of Davie Street.
Address: 1074 Davie St, Vancouver
Phone: +1 604-233-8269

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