50 Outdoor Adventures in Manitoba

50 Outdoor Adventures in Manitoba

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An outdoor adventure can be as elaborate or laid back as you want it to be. That is the joy of outdoors – it can turn your imagination into reality.
The province of Manitoba has so much to offer its residents and visitors regarding outdoor adventures. Now that the sun is fully shining and warming up the day, it is time to pack up and see what type of journey the outdoors will take you on.To help you out, here is a list of 50 outdoor adventures that Manitoba has to offer.

Snorkelling with Beluga Whales

The prairie provinces have a lot more going for them than many think, especially Manitoba. In the northern part of the province lies Churchill, beautiful in both winter and summer. Off the shores of Hudson Bay, you can go on an incredible adventure and go snorkelling with beluga whales. Snorkelling with Beluga Whales

Delta Beach

75 km northwest of Winnipeg, you will find Delta Beach! Enjoy a beach day at Delta Beach — southern shore of Lake Manitoba rolls in on Delta Beach. Delta Beach

Go Fishing

There’s something about fishing that takes you to your quiet, happy place. Strategically placing the bait on the hook, casting into the water farther than you ever have before and slowly reeling in the line. Fishing in Manitoba.

Caddy Lake Tunnels

If your dream adventure involves water and a canoe, then canoeing the Caddy Lake Circuit and through the Caddy Lake Tunnels should be first on your list. Whiteshell Provincial Park is near the Ontario border and roughly 90 minutes east of Winnipeg, and in there lies Caddy Lake. Explore the 169 km trip that will take you about a week to do. Caddy Lake Tunnels

Gorge Creek Trail

For all the hiking enthusiasts out there, the Gorge Creek Trail is for you. Located in Riding Mountain National Park, you’ll travel just over 6 km one way to experience what Mother Nature has to offer. You will hike through the aspen forest and see lots of wildlife along the way. Gorge Creek Trail

Spirit Sands and Devil’s Punch Bowl Trail

The name itself should be a reason to add this to your next adventure list. The Spirit Sands and Devil’s Punch Bowl, located in Spruce Woods Provincial Park, has a history that dates over 15,000 years ago. The trail is right near the Assiniboine River. The Devil’s Punch Bowl formed when sand slid down 45 meters deep into the water below. Spirit Sands and Devil’s Punch Bowl Trail

Hecla Island

Roughly 90 minutes north of Winnipeg, located on Lake Winnipeg, is the Hecla Island Provincial Park. Here you can head out on multiple different hiking trails on the island, or visit the Hecla Village to explore the history of the area. Hecla Island

Northern Lights Viewing

If you haven’t had the opportunity to view the Northern Lights, you need to make the journey north to Churchill. In the subarctic of Manitoba, Churchill is one of the best places to watch the lights dance across the sky. Northern Lights Viewing

FortWhyte Alive

In the 640 acres of protected green space, known as FortWhyte Alive, you’ll have the chance to experience so many outdoor activities that you can think of. Hiking trails to explore the land, counting how many bird species you can find and hit the waters of 5 lakes in the area. FortWhyte Alive

Narcisse Snake Dens

If you want to see lots of snakes, your next adventure should be to Narcisse Snake Dens. This area is known for being able to see the most snakes than anywhere else in the world. There are only two short periods where you will see tens of thousands of red-sided garter snakes come out of their winter dens. Narcisse Snake Dens

Pine to Prairie International Birding Trail

Although it will take you more than one day to hit up all the trails here, this type of adventure could be a whole summer journey. If you love to bird watch, the Pine to Prairie International Birding Trail will give you everything you need to see species like the Great Gray Owl (Manitoba’s provincial bird). Pine to Prairie International Birding Trail

Assiniboine Riverbank Trail System

Bike or hike the Assiniboine Riverbank Trail System spans 17 km throught the heart of the City of Brandon. The trail system ranges from natural river bottom forest to paved, lit walkways. Trails

Tandem Bike Winnipeg Tour

The city of Winnipeg, Manitoba’s capital city, has lots to offer those who visit. It is full of history, culture and lots of areas to explore. Rent a tandem bike for you and your adventure partner to have a tour worth remembering. Tandem Bike Winnipeg Tour

Lake Metigoshe

Looking for a hidden gem? Then discover Lake Metigoshe. The Lake straddles the Manitoba-North Dakota border near Deloraine. Lake Metigoshe has lots to offer regarding an adventure all year round. Fishing during the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. Lake Metigoshe

Souris Swinging Bridge

Cross the historic Souris Swinging Bridge — Canada’s longest historic suspension bridge measuring 604 feet or 184 metres. Built in 1904 by Squire Sowden to allow him access to his property across the river, the bridge became an iconic symbol for the town through the years. The bridge has since then undergone many changes in structure and was rebuilt many times, the latest after 2011 floods. Souris Swinging Bridge

Tundra Tours for Polar Bears

In the summertime, this place is great for seeing beluga whales. However, there’s more to offer here in the summer months. This is where you want to be for your next adventure. In Churchill, located in the northern part of Manitoba near the Hudson Bay, you can take tundra tours to explore the land and see polar bears. Tundra Tours for Polar Bears

Explore Grand Beach

Who doesn’t like walking around on white, sandy beaches on a warm summer day? Well, you don’t need to leave the country during winter to experience that. Take a journey to Grand Beach in the summertime to experience the brings in tourists from all over, white sand beaches along the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Explore Grand Beach

Splash Dash Tours

Have some fun this summer on a riverboat tour through Splash Dash tours. Operating since 1992, Splash Dash takes you along the rivers of Winnipeg, giving you an entertaining tour. You can even rent a canoe to take a stroll down the Assiniboine River. Explore Grand Beach

Hy-Wire Zipline Adventures

Take a look at the landscape of Manitoba from a different perspective – from a zipline. Hy-Wire Zipline will take you over the Pembina Valley and offer you an exciting and breathtaking view of the land. You’ll be 200 feet high and travel up to 1000 feet on the zipline. Hy-Wire Zipline Adventures

A Maze in Corn

Whether you have kids or are a kid at heart, take an adventure through the Corn Maze. But there is more than then a corn maze here; you’ll experience a petting zoo, bale pyramids, hayrides and so much more. A Maze in Corn

Martese Cruises

Experience Clear Lake in a whole new way on a Martese Cruise. Book for the afternoon, dinner, sunset or a private event, these cruises will guide you through the waters of the area. Martese Cruises

Cat Eye Fishing

Manitoba is known for an abundance of lakes. Within those lakes is a range of species of fish of all sizes. Take an adventure with Cat Eye Manitoba Fishing to experience the fun of reeling in a catfish. Cat Eye Fishing


Want one of the most exhilarating thrills you can do get? In Steinbach, not far from Winnipeg, you can take one of the biggest jumps of your life as you skydive. In a tandem jump, you’ll be paired with a professional and travel to the ground of up to 230 kph! Skydiving

Canoe Winnipeg

Winnipeg has two rivers that run through the heart of the city. That means there are lots of areas to grab a canoe and travel down the river. You can even go on river tours where you and a group of people are led down the waters. Canoe Winnipeg


Whether you have already done this or not, windsurfing in Manitoba needs to be on your next adventure list. If you are new, you can take lessons from professionals. Otherwise, rent a board and hit the waters. Windsurf


Kiteboarding is a mixture of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, sailing, and a few other extreme sports, all in one. Whether you are on water or snow, you ride aboard while you hold onto a kite that pulls you around. It is an adventure that is a must. Kiteboarding

North Seal River Adventures

Spend some time way up north, almost near the Nunavut border. Gangler’s North Seal River Lodges and Outposts host Eco Experience in Northern Manitoba where you can explore the most remote parts of the province. See something not everyone gets to – Sand Eskers. They are dune-like formations that are remnants of the ice age glacial melt. North Seal River Adventures

Wilderness Edge Retreat & Conference Centre

Plan a vacation at the Wilderness Edge Retreat & Conference Centre where there is never a dull moment. Whether you want to partake in organized activities or head out on your own, there is something here for the adventurous people at all levels. You can spend one-day tubing and the next day golfing. Take a walk over the swinging bridge and man of the hiking trails in the area. Wilderness Edge Retreat & Conference Centre

Scuba Diving

Make your next outdoor adventure a scuba diving one. Learn how to scuba dive with trained professionals. Located in Winnipeg, with Diver City Scuba, they will equip you with everything you need to complete your first dive successfully. Scuba Diving

Tinkertown Family Fun Park

Looking for a family outdoor adventure? Then Tinkertown Family Fun Park is for you. This park has over 20 rides and attractions that are perfect for the whole family. But it is only open during the summer months so don’t miss out. Tinkertown Family Fun Park

Grand Prix Amusements

Another family fun adventure is at the Grand Prix Amusements in Winnipeg. There are many different attractions to participate in, including go-karts, mini golf, bumper cars, bumper boats, trampoline and batting cages. Grand Prix Amusements

Splash Island Water Park

Located in Portage La Prairie, the Splash Island Water Park is a water adventure for everyone. Keep your eyes open for the public swim times when everyone can come and enjoy the water, relax in the lazy river or head down the waterslides for free. Grand Prix Amusements

Winkler Aquatic Centre

Live in the Pembina Valley area and do not want to travel to the city? Winkler has a newly renovated aquatic centre that is fun for the whole family. There is a fun twist waterslide, speed slides, diving boards, climbing walls, beach entry and hot tubs to relax in. Winkler Aquatic Centre

Fun Mountain Waterslide Park

Head out to Manitoba’s largest waterslide park at the Fun Mountain Waterslide Park. Right outside of Winnipeg, this exciting adventure has everything you need for a fun time in the water. Choose from many different water slides to go down, or hit them all up. Take a break and play games like volleyball and bumper boats. Fun Mountain Waterslide Park

Clear Lake Golf Course

Head out to one of Manitoba’s most beautiful golf courses, the Clear Lake Golf Course. Located in Riding Mountain National Park, you will get a picturesque view while taking on a challenge course. Clear Lake Golf Course

Ominik Marsh Trail

The Ominik Marsh Trail is a great hiking trail to take on for beginners and families alike. It is 1.9 km long with a beautiful landscape and lots of wildlife to see. Before heading out, visit the Visitor Centre for everything you need to know about the trail. Ominik Marsh Trail

Tilson Hiking Trail

Looking for a more challenging hiking trail? The Tilson Hiking Trail is considered difficult with its 35.6 km loop and approximately 11 hours or 2-day adventure. If you can take on the challenge, this trail will give you some of the most photographic areas to see, along with multiple opportunities to see wildlife around. There is the Tilson Campsite along the way if you need to stop and take a break. Tilson Hiking Trail

Granite Hills Golf Course

Golf enthusiasts, this one is for you. The Granite Hills Golf Course is set along the shores of Lake Lac du Bonnet. Not only will you enjoy the challenge this 18-hole course has to offer, but you’ll also be fixated on the scenery all around you. This golf course is a must play for any golfer. Granite Hills Golf Course

Falcon Beach Ranch

Explore Whiteshell Provincial Park on horseback through Falcon Beach Ranch. The Whiteshell area is on the edge of the Canadian Shield. The landscape is beautiful and sometimes challenging but enjoyable on the back of a horse. Experience the ranch life and take on one of the many trails on horseback. Falcon Beach Ranch

Hunt Lake Hiking Trail

Looking for a fun hiking trail that is somewhat difficult and takes you into the outback of the province? The Hunt Lake Hiking Trail is for you. It is 12.6 km round trip and will take you roughly 3 hours to complete. There are lots of ups and downs and rough terrain here, so bring out your best hiking shoes. Hunt Lake Hiking Trail

Pisew Falls

See a beautiful waterfall right in Manitoba at Pisew Falls. Located in Pisew Falls Provincial Park, this is Manitoba’s highest waterfall. There are multiple hiking trails to take you to different vantage points to see the waterfall. Hunt Lake Hiking Trail

Clearwater Provincial Park Cave Trail

Although these are not caves perse, the self-guided caves trail at Clearwater Provincial Park is a must-see attraction. These deep crevices formed as rock masses split away. This 0.8 km hiking trail will take you around the area where you can see unique plants that need barely any sunlight to thrive. Clearwater Provincial Park Cave Trail

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Explore the land of Manitoba from way up in the sky. Aboard a hot air balloon and experience the scenery like no other. It is a relaxing outdoor adventure that will leave you exhilarated and speechless at the same time. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Thompson Millennium Trail

The Thompson Millennium Trail is a 15 km hike, bike or snowshoe trail that takes you around the whole city. You’ll be able to experience the city differently while taking in the beauty of northern Manitoba. Thompson Millennium Trail

Oak Hammock Marsh

The area of Oak Hammock Marsh extends over 20km2 of open marsh and surrounding grasslands. It is near the town of Stonewall which is roughly 20 km north of Winnipeg. The interpretive centre there will give you an overview of the land. Many like to come here to see massive amounts of birds flock to the area. Oak Hammock Marsh

Canoe Seal River

Take on a 14-day trip as you canoe the Seal River of northern Manitoba. This is known as one of Canada’s premier wilderness and canoe trips you can take. Typically you would start at Tadoule Lake and end near the Hudson Bay. You’ll see many kinds of wildlife, including wolves and seals. Canoe Seal River

Whitewater Kayaking

You wouldn’t think of whitewater kayaking in the prairies, yet here it is. Whitewater kayaking is a challenging yet exciting adventure that is physically and mentally stimulating. You cruise down the rushing river with your team of kayakers. Whitewater Kayaking

Explore Little Limestone Lake

One of the newest provincial parks in Manitoba, Little Limestone Lake covers roughly 10,000-acres and is considered the largest marl lake in the world (limestone made up of mineral calcite). This naturally forming lake is one every adventure junkie needs to see. Explore Little Limestone Lake

Paintball Park

Although it sounds painful, experience a paintball park is a must outdoor activity. You and your friends will need to hunt down and eliminate the other teams by splattering them with paint. Try out Manitoba’s largest paintball park at Splatters Paintball. Paintball Park

Tube the Whitemouth River

Looking for a bit more of a laid-back outdoor adventure? Grab a floating device and head out on the Whitemouth River. Many enjoy spending the day being lazy and floating on the water with friends. Tube the Whitemouth River

Hang Glide

Get as close to flying (without a plane) as you can by hang gliding. Near Steinbach, you can explore the province as you soar through the air on a glider. You’ll receive all the training you need before taking off into the sky. Hang Glide

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