Alberta Mandates Vaccine Proof For Public Service Employees

Premier Jason Kenney announced today the government is implementing proof of COVID-19 vaccination policy for all Alberta Public Service employees.

Proof of vaccination will apply to approximately 25,500 Alberta Public Service employees and they have until November 30th to submit proof of full vaccination.


Those Alberta Public Service employees who are not vaccinated will have to submit rapid test result within 72 hours of every scheduled workday or shift, on an ongoing basis or obtain an accommodation based on the Alberta Human Rights Act. Effective Dec. 14th, these rapid tests will be required and paid for by employees.

As per the news release, employees who do not provide proof of vaccination by the required deadline will be provided with additional education about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, in addition to the other testing requirements.

The province will also implement the Restrictions Exemptions Program (REP) in all eligible Government of Alberta facilities.

Alberta reported 1,706 new COVID-19 cases today.

To address the challenging rise in hospitalizations and intensive care unit admissions due to COVID-19, Alberta will be accepting federal support to help protect the health-care system.


The Canadian Armed Forces will deploy up to 10 ICU-trained staff and the Canadian Red Cross will deploy 20 ICU-trained staff with various levels of training to reduce the burden on acute care workers across the province.

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador will also send a team of five to six ICU-trained staff with further details to be announced.



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