Chinatown Dining Week

January 14, 2021

January 24, 2021

$10 to $18

11 restaurants in Edmonton’s Chinatown


Events Description

Many people are already aware of the culinary gems tucked in this historic neighbourhood, but Chinatown Dining Week will provide an opportunity for others to discover new favourites! Chinatown is known for its diverse range of cuisines, some of which will be showcased in this event.

In 2021, Chinatown Dining Week will feature 11 restaurants.

Who is it for?

All ages


Tickets : $18 fixed price dinner menus – two courses

$10 takeaway packages
How to get tickets?

At participating Restaurants


Date & Time:

January 14-24, 2021

(menus and hours are subject to change; business reserves the right to substitute items).

The following businesses in Edmonton’s Chinatown will be offering $18 take-out specials from January 14-24, 2021 (menus and hours are subject to change):

  • Kim Fat Market, 9905 107 Avenue, (587) 982-7888
    Special: Medium Tray of Deep-Fried Drumsticks or Dry Ribs. Flavour options: All-Dressed, Honey Garlic, Regular Crispy, or Cajun

    Kitchen hours: Monday to Sunday 11am-5pm, pick-ups before 6pm

  • King Noodle House Pho Hoang, 10613 97 Street, 780-428-8983
    Special: choose from Combo A or B
    Combo A – Large Bowl of Pho (your choice) + Spring Rolls / Grilled Pork Balls Combo Platter
    Combo B – Large Bowl of Pho (your choice) + Vietnamese Iced Coffee and Spring Rolls

    Wednesday-Sunday 10am-7pm, closed Monday and Tuesday

  • Liuyishou Hot Pot, #168, 9700 105 Avenue (Pacific Rim Mall), (780) 425-8888
    Special: Hot Pot Combo
    Choose one Soup Base (for individual-sized pot): Spicy, Wild Mixed Mushrooms, or Tomato
    Included items (provided either raw for diners to cook in hot pot at home, or pre-cooked): Supreme Beef Slices, Beef Omasum, Shrimp Paste Balls, Watercress, Potato, Tofu Skin, and Steamed Rice

    Monday-Sunday 11:30am-2:20pm; 4:30-8:20pm

  • Macarons & Goodies, 10548 101 Street, (587) 473-6400
    Special: Large 10″ Pie

    Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm, closed Sunday

  • Namaste India, 10023 107 Avenue, 780-540-0100
    Special: Butter Chicken, Butter Naan, Basmati Rice

    Monday & Wednesday to Saturday 12pm-9pm, Sunday 1pm-8:30pm, closed Tuesday

  • Padmanadi, 10740 101 Street, 780-428-8899
    Special: Individually-Sized Ginger Beef, Curry Chicken, or Vegetable Deluxe served with Jasmine Rice, Two Spring Rolls, and Bowl of Wonton Soup

    Tuesday-Sunday 4pm-9pm, closed Monday

  • Syphay, 9441 Jasper Avenue, (780) 423-4241
    Special: choose from Choice #1 or #2
    Choice #1: Tohm Yum (Chicken or Vegetable), Phanang Curry (Chicken, Beef, or Tofu), Coconut or Steamed Rice, Meat or Vegetable Spring Rolls (3 pieces)
    Choice #2: Tohm Yum (Chicken or Vegetable), Pad Thai (Chicken or Tofu), Meat or Vegetable Spring Rolls (3 pieces)

    Monday-Friday 11:30am-2pm; 5-9pm, Saturday 5-9pm, closed Sunday

The following businesses will be offering $10 take-out specials from January 14-24, 2021 (menus and hours are subject to change):

Participating restaurants include:

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