Alberta COVID-19 Vaccine Record: This is How to Get COVID-19 Vaccination Proof (New Website)



Alberta today launched a new website so that Albertans can get an easy-to-carry proof of COVID-19 vaccination record online.

The COVIDRecords website does not require signing up for My Alberta Digital ID or MyHealth Records.

Albertans will be able to use this website to get proof of vaccination and show businesses checking patrons for government-issued proof of vaccination under the Restriction Exemption Program.


How to Get Card-Sized COVID-19 Vaccination Record

Any Albertan who received their COVID-19 immunization, including children 12 years and older, will be able to save or print the card by entering:

  • month and year of vaccination of any dose (available on/at paper vaccination record, email confirmation received for their appointment, pharmacy or physician’s office where they received the vaccine, or call 811, personal MyHealth Records account)
  • Alberta Personal Health Number
  • date of birth

An online id is not required.

COVIDRecords website for the new COVID-19 vaccination record

The province says Albertans need help accessing their vaccine card, can get help from someone else they trust can help them put their information into the system.

Albertans can also use the paper immunization record that they received during their COVID-19 vaccination appointment as proof of vaccination.

Another option is to contact the pharmacy or physician’s office where they received the vaccine or call 811 to request a copy of the vaccine proof.

Albertans will also be able to request their proof of vaccination from a registry agent office starting Sept. 21st.



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    1. Jan Parkinson

      I need a proof of vaccine record without the QR codes for my mother who is 97 years old, does not have a cell phone or a computer. I print out the record, then have to cut it so that the dates of vaccine are visible andi will fit into a sleeve with her picture id on the other side. This works fine except that it does not show her name/birthdate!!
      Is it possible to print a record of her name, birthdate and vaccine dates only? The code showing is of no use .

      October 5, 2021 at 8:44 AM

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