20 Creative Workshops and Classes to Try Out in Edmonton

Creative Workshops Edmonton

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Whether you want to learn something new or relieve stress of everyday life, you will find plenty of options in Edmonton area. Below are 20 examples of creative classes and workshops that can be found in Alberta Capital Region whether you want to paint or bake!

  1. Cooking. Whether you are an experienced cook or just a beginner, it can be enjoyable to learn new cuisine and techniques in the kitchen. Palates Culinary Kitchen and Learning Centre is one place that offers a variety of classes.
  2. Baking/Cake Decorating. Or maybe baking is your idea of a good time instead of cooking. Another fun part of baking is learning how to make artful masterpieces out of cakes, cookies and more. Here are ten places to go to learn just that!
  3. Stained Glass. This beautiful kaleidoscope of colours and shapes create a classic and memorable work of art. Bissett Stained Glass has classes for all skill levels.
  4. Dance. A fun, spirited way to fit exercise into your lifestyle. Besides exercise, dancing is an excellent way to relieve any stress, all while listening to fantastic music as well. One of the studios in the city that provide numerous classes is Dance Code.
  5. Photography. One of the more popular artforms in today’s age, photography is a truly brilliant way to express your creative side. The Canadian Photography Learning Centre have a large variety of classes you can take.
  6. Pottery. If you are someone who like to work with your hands to craft numerous items, then pottery is an outstanding way to express yourself. One of the many studios in the city is Viva Clayworks.
  7. Sculpture. Another superb way to produce art using your hands is learning to sculpt. With the right tools and instructions, you can create plenty of breath-taking pieces. Harcourt House have sculpture classes you can take.
  8. Jewelry Making. Why pay lots of money buying jewelry when you can make your own and have lots of enjoyment during the process? This pastime can be both fun and rewarding. One of the best places for classes is Bedrock Supply.
  9. Soap and Lotions. A lovely hobby for those who fancy all-natural products or are trying to expand their creativity reservoir. A few of the items you can learn to make are soaps, moisturizers and shampoo. Kolya Naturals sell supplies as well as hold classes.
  10. Painting/Drawing. Whether on canvas or paper, using water paints or charcoal, this is a fantastic pastime that people of all skill levels can enjoy. The Paint Spot is a wonderful place for lessons.
  11. Calligraphy. A perfect example of a vanishing artform, calligraphy can be relaxing and soothing to learn and an interesting skill to have. The Edmonton Calligraphy Society have a number of classes and workshops.
  12. Creative Writing. A great way to express your inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. With the freedom to create your own fantastical world or to explore your own reality, this is an impressive creative medium. Third Verb is an organization that supports writers.
  13. Woodworking. If you enjoy the feel and smell of fresh-cut wood, then learning to create terrific art pieces with it is something that you will find fun and engaging. Lee Valley Tools offer classes for woodworking.
  14. Flower & Plant Workshops. A truly delightful way to show the natural beauty that is all around us. Check out the flower arranging and plant terrarium workshops that will have you rethinking your lack of green thumb!
  15. Glass-making. A truly magnificent wonder to behold. Learn how to make delicate, stunning glass in whatever form you choose. Pixie Glassworks is a glass studio that provide numerous classes.
  16. Music. As music is often known as the universal language of the world, it is a great way to express yourself. There are several different instruments that you can learn, making this a hobby that can be explored again and again. One studio that provide lessons is Resonate Music School and Studio.
  17. Sewing. While a little more practical then your customary arts selections, sewing can be a wonderful way to relax. And a bonus, you can easily make numerous gifts for your friends and family, or useful items for around your household. The House of Sew is a great place to take classes.
  18. Yoga. If you are looking for a enjoyable way to unwind without feeling those super creative juices, then maybe yoga is a good way to go. Fun and tranquil while also reducing stress. Yogalife have classes for all skill levels.
  19. Knit and Crochet. A soothing way to past the time and learn how to make such items as hats, scarfs and mittens. Michaels have classes for many different crafts, including knitting and crochet.
  20. Kickboxing. For a more exhilarating workout as well as learning a self-defence discipline, Kickboxing is a great way to stay in shape, reduce the stress in your life and have a ton of fun. One establishment in Edmonton that offers classes is Gracie Barra Edmonton.

So express your creative nature, reduce stress and have fun!

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