Large Tornado Touches Down in Southwestern Manitoba


Credit: Sean Schofer/ Prairie Storm Chasers

Environment Canada said it’s investigating a large tornado that touched down in southwestern Manitoba, which a witness said flipped vehicles, snapped trees and downed power lines.

The weather agency said it received reports about the storm just before 8 p.m. local time on Friday near Virden, Man.

Misheyla Iwasiuk, a local storm chaser, said it was the biggest storm she’s seen in her life.

“It was a pretty bad scene… This storm was large, very violent and it wasn’t anticipated,” said Iwasiuk, who added the tornado flipped a car before hitting a farm and damaging buildings and equipment.

“We were assisting a gentleman whose vehicle unfortunately was flipped over and he was trapped inside of it.”


She said multiple people stopped to help before emergency crews arrived and extracted the man from the car, which landed on top of downed power lines.

Iwasiuk said farm buildings in the area took extensive damage after taking a direct hit from the storm. She also said emergency responders were assisting people in the fields who were hit by the storm while in farm equipment.



Credit: Misheyla Iwasiuk/Twitter

The STARS air ambulance service said it dispatched a helicopter from Winnipeg to respond to an emergency in the Virden area.


RCMP in Manitoba say a man and a woman are dead after the tornado touched down at a farm.

Environment Meteorologist Alysa Pederson described the twister as very large in size, but said it’s not yet known how powerful the storm was.

She said the storm lasted for around 10 to 20 minutes.

The government agency says a damage survey will be completed today with the help of a team from the University of Manitoba.

Pederson said anyone with video or information about damage from the storm should reach out to Environment Canada.


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