What to Do at Little Canada When it Opens in 2020

Credit: Little Canada

Want to explore the best of Canada in miniature?

Little Canada – a vast animated attraction that includes over 45,000 sq. ft of indoor space, takes visitors on an immersive journey through Canada in miniature that lets you explore the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Canada in a whole new way.

Little Canada takes you on a journey of discovery through Canada from the moment you pass through Little Canada customs. Little Canada will showcase Canada’s captivating vistas, landmarks and cityscapes in miniature scale. From Little Toronto to Little Golden Horseshoe, from Little Niagara to Petit Quebec, a fascinating miniature destination lies around every corner – it’s an experience for all ages.

Little Canada will open with 5 destinations in 2020, which include destinations such as Little Niagara, Little Toronto and Little Ottawa. You’ll also get a peek into the progress of our next destination, Little North.

After the launch of the first 5 destinations (Little Niagara, Little Ottawa, Petit Quebec, Little Golden Horseshoe, Little Toronto), every year or two after, a new destination will be added until journey reaches across the country, coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Little Canada will have over 10,000 little citizens, and counting with 65 autonomous vehicles zipping down the roads and many more being added to the fleet. Little Canada Miniature Makers will have poured 180,000 hours of love into Little Canada at opening. There are over 5,000 trees, and counting, covering the landscape of Little Canada.

Little Canada is the brainchild of Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer, an immigrant to Canada, who was inspired by a visit to Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany. In 2011, encouraged by two of his mentors to follow his heart and pursue his passion, Jean-Louis quit his job and turned his full attention to fulfilling his dream of building a miniature Canada. Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer, with help from Dave MacLean, a University of Toronto-educated civil engineer and two-term president of The Model Railroad Club of Toronto, set out to make the dream a reality. Today, with a team of talented individuals, experts in their respective field, and thousands of working hours, their dream is coming to life.


Wineries at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Credit: Little Canada

  1. When you first enter Little Canada, you’ll be handed a Little Canada passport that you will take on your journey through the many sights, sounds, and sometimes smells, of Little Canada.
  2. Little Niagara: You will hear the majestic roar and find yourself standing in the center of Little Canada’s 50 linear ft Horseshoe Falls. Little Niagara’s Maid of the Mist is a 3D printed replica of the real thing, picking up new passengers every 15 minutes.
  3. Credit: Little Canada

    You will then visit Little Toronto where you’ll encounter the impressive skyline of downtown Toronto, lit with 30,000 twinkling LED lights. Little Toronto’s CN Tower is the tallest structure in all of Little Canada, standing at 14.5 ft. If you look closely you can even see the Edgewalkers. Roger’s Centre has a fully retractable roof, just like the real thing! However, it only takes 60 seconds to open in Little Canada, compared to twenty minutes in the big world.

  4. Credit: Little Canada

    Credit: Little Canada

    Following along the bustling 401 highway, you will cut through the familiar regions and landmarks of SouthwesternOntario set behind a beautiful display of autumn colours.

  5. Credit: Little Canada

    Credit: Little Canada

    The true north capital welcomes you to Little Ottawa. Witness the breathtaking view of our Parliament buildings accompanied by the celebration of cultures that this city so proudly represents.

  6. Experience the magic of a winter wonderland amongst the elegant cafés and celebrations of Carnaval de Québec.
  7. Get a behind-the-scenes look into the build of Little Canada’s next destination, Little North. Explore the natural beauty of the Aurora Borealis, the Yukon’s mountainous glaciers and the tiny towns nestled along river shores.


  • Littlization Station: Become a Little Canadian at the Littlization Station, by getting scanned into your very own 3-D Little Me. We’ll make you an official citizen of Little Canada and place your Little Me in our world. You can also get a 5” Little Me to take home as a memento from your trip to Little Canada.
  • Dear Canada Corner: An interactive wall that allows you to leave a video message or write a note expressing your love for Canada – Big or Little!
  • Miniature Makers Workshop: Curb your curiosity with a peek into the Miniature Makers Workshop. Watch as Little Canada craftspeople create their miniature masterpieces. From artists, engineers, tech specialists and model builders, get a behind-the-scenes look at the mini making of Little Canada.
  • Little Bites Café. Indulge in some delicious bite-sized Canadian goodies after your journey through Little Canada at the Little Bites Café. Canadian inspired refreshments to satisfy your sweet or salty craving.
  • Little Things Giftshop: Never forget your experience and the memories made at Little Canada by grabbing a little keepsake from the Little Things Giftshop.

Where is Little Canada Located:

Little Canada

Little Canada will be located at 10 Dundas East, in the heart of downtown Toronto. Little Canada will occupy 45,000 square feet of space on the lower levels of 10 Dundas East, levels B2 and B3.

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