Where to Donate Used Items in Calgary

imageSo, you’re getting ready to do some spring cleaning and the pile of donatable goods is getting pretty big. Donating is a great way to give back, reduce waste, and get those feel-good vibes flowing. But, remember, there’s a huge process beyond just dropping your goods at a donation center’s doorstep. It’s important to check what items will be accepted, and what will not be accepted. If an organization doesn’t accept tables, and you leave a table, it will likely just end up in the landfill. And you can’t say they didn’t warn you. Their sites are full of all the info you need to donate properly. Keep your good deeds on the straight and narrow with this list of 15 places where you can donate your goods in Calgary.

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• All links below will go to their donation page or to their list of what’s accepted, where possible.

• Many baby and toddler items, like car seats/cribs/playpens/high chairs, will not be readily accepted by anyone. There are strict safety regulations on reselling and reusing these items. This also goes for health care items like walkers/wheelchairs/canes etc.

• Most places offer a free home pick-up if you don’t have the time or ability to drop things off yourself. Schedule one on their site today!

• Most websites have a full list of what they do and do not accept, including restrictions on how old something is, how clean it is, and what conditions it’s in. Have questions? Check in before you donate! It only takes a minute and it makes a huge difference to the people working in those warehouses.


Women in Need Society (WINS)

This award-winning Calgary based organization is a not-for-profit that helps vulnerable women and their families. They accept gently used donations that are either placed in their thrift stores or given to families in need. You can donate clothing, furniture, sports equipment, jewellery, and much more. It’s a great place to donate and a wonderful shopping alternative.
Five thrift store locations, five family resource centres
Address: Furniture and large donations accepted at Dover location (3525 26 Ave SE, Calgary) and Macleod Plaza location (180 94 Ave SE, Calgary)
Phone: 403-255-5102



Credit: Goodwill

Likely the most recognizable name on this list, Goodwill remains a non-profit that provides career training and job opportunities to Albertans with disabilities. Because of its large size, it’s able to offer partnerships with other organizations looking to do some good.
Seven locations in Calgary
Phone: 866-927-1414

Diabetes Canada

With donation bins all over the province, including dozens in Calgary, you’ve likely seen them around. They make it easy to donate: bring your goods on your next grocery store visit, and simply place it in their bins, and away you go. Remember to check what’s allowed: they have a list for what’s allowed in the bins and a list for what’s allowed for a home pick-up.
Find a donation bin through the link
Phone: 800-505-5525

Calgary Drop-In

Catering mainly to men and women in need, if you have adult clothing, work boots, winter gear, and/or backpacks, send them on over. They also accept furniture and household appliances for their Move Out Program. The Drop-In is always looking for new (not used) men’s and women’s briefs, socks, razors, soaps, and deodorant, if you want to amp up your donation.
Address & Hours: 1 Dermot Baldwin Way SE, Calgary (24 hour drop off)
Address & Hours: 3640 11A Street NE, Calgary (Mon to Sun: 8am – 4pm)
Phone: 403-266-3600 or 403-264-0856


Calgary Donations

Calgary Donations Program helps fund MOMS Canada, which helps single moms and their families. Schedule a pickup online and leave the items outside of your house. Super easy. Clothing, sporting goods, small kitchen accessories, home accessories, and no furniture or large items.
Schedule a pickup online only
Address: 1350 42 Ave SE
Phone: 1-888-40-DONATION(36628466)

Inclusion Alberta

Mostly clothing, shoes, and accessories as well as small home items. Inclusion Alberta advocates on behalf of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.
Many locations – please check the site or schedule a pickup
Phone: 780-451-3055


Restore – Habitat for Humanity


Credit: Calgary Restore – Habitat for Humanity

Doing any remodeling or major renovations? Check this out for donating cabinetry, large kitchen appliances like fridges, HVAC supplies, roofing materials, and much more. This will go straight to helping Habitat for Humanity by selling these items at low cost and using those profits to sustain their affordable home ownership program.
Address & Hours: North Calgary ReStore: 3465 Sunridge Way NE Calgary (Monday to Saturday 9PM – 5PM)
Address & Hours: South Calgary ReStore: 7291 11 St SE Calgary, AB (Monday to Saturday 9PM – 5PM)
Phone: North Calgary ReStore 403-291-6764 or South Calgary ReStore 403-910-2561

Calgary Inter-Faith Furniture Society

The go to spot to drop off mattresses, chairs, tables, bed frames, small appliances, and clothing. These are then offered to new Canadians and disadvantaged Calgarians who are often going from living out of a suitcase to living in a home with nothing to fill it with.
Address: 635 – 35th Avenue NE, Calgary (9:30AM to 4:30PM Tuesday to Saturday)
Phone: 403-276-3173

Toys/Sports Equipment:

The Children’s Cottage Society

As the name says, this non-profit accepts donations mostly for children and families, especially toys, clothes, and essentials like diapers and formula. They’ve been at it since 1986 with their mandate of “preventing harm and neglect to all children and building strong families through support services, respite programs and crisis nurseries.”
Address: 845 McDougall Road NE, Calgary
Phone: 403-233-2273

Comrie’s Sports Bank


Credit: Comrie’s Sports Bank

A great way to make sure every kid has a chance to play sports, Comrie’s Sports Bank takes sporting equipment and redistributes it to families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the expensive gear.
Address: 3557 52nd St SE
Phone: 403-202-0251

The Magic of Christmas

This volunteer run, non-denominational charity loads up Calgary Transit buses on Christmas Eve and delivers toys and gifts to those who might not have any otherwise – from babies to the elderly. Note that donations need to be new and unused.
Over 150 drop-off locations, or request a box to your business
Phone: 403-803-1619

VETS Canada

Still have that guitar that you bought 10 years ago but never learned how to play? Donate it to VETS Canada, where it will be used in their music rehabilitation program for veterans.
Any Long and McQuade location
Phone: 888-228-3871


Donate a Car


Credit: Donate A Car Canada

Donate a Car Canada accepts donations in every province. You pick a charity, they process the car, and the net sale goes to you charity of choice. They make it easy and quick.
Fill out their online form to donate
Phone: 877-250-4904

Kidney Car Foundation

An oldie but a goodie, the Kidney Car Foundation has been accepting car donations for 25 years, and directly impacting people who live with or have a risk of developing kidney disease. They offer free towing and a tax receipt, usually $200 or more.
Fill out their online form or call to donate
Phone: 403-279-7707


People for Progress Foundation


Credit: People for Progress Foundation

The People for Progress Foundation accepts laptops, cell phones, cameras, office supplies, musical instruments and other items that can be used to help people learn valuable work skills.

email: admin@peopleforprogress.net

Other Resources:

You can search for specific items and where to donate them in the city:
Alberta’s Recycling Hotline

Check out Kidseat Recyclers to recycle your car seats.

Have some items that aren’t accepted anywhere? The City of Calgary’s “What Goes Where” search function is truly brilliant if you get confused about where to dispose of something.

By: Carrie is a freelance writer and editor who enjoys writing songs, cooking new vegan dishes, and being a plant mom. She loves living in Calgary and pretending she likes the snow.

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