Calgary Zoo Adopts Three Orphaned Grizzly Cubs


Credit: Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo has adopted three orphaned grizzly cubs.

The cubs arrived at the zoo last week after Alberta Fish & Wildlife found the cubs in Crowsnest Pass.


Through a social media post the zoo said, “Last week, we welcomed three wild orphaned grizzly cubs into the Calgary Zoo family and will be giving them lots of love and care until a suitable forever home under human care can be identified. Lifesaving work like this can’t be done without strong partnerships – a huge thank to Alberta Fish & Wildlife for advocating for the three little bears. Without human intervention, they surely would have died.”

Grizzly bear cubs are born blind and they cannot survive without a mother’s care. The mother cares for the cubs for up to two years.

The Calgary Zoo is a globally recognized conservation organization that guides, innovates, and applies scientific solutions to restore some of the world’s most endangered species.

Support Calgary Zoo

As the zoo is closed to visitors due to COVID-19, the Calgary Zoo is asking for donations to help care for its animals. The zoo typically needs half a million dollars each month to feed and care for the animals at the Calgary Zoo.

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