Tirgan Festival

July 27, 2017

July 30, 2017


Distillery District & Harbourfront Centre, Toronto


Events Description

TIRGAN, world’s Largest Celebration of Iranian Arts & Culture Right here in Toronto:

Tirgan Festival is coming up July 27th – 30th at the Toronto Harbourfront Centre and Distillery District in Toronto. This five-day arts and culture festival is packed with live performances, theatre, films, art shows, fashion displays, traditional cuisine from all over Iran, and bazaars showcasing beautiful art-works of Iranian talents.

Tirgan, which takes place every two years, is the largest festival celebrating Iranian arts and culture outside of Iran. Since its modest beginnings in 2008, the reputation of this festival has spread beyond Toronto and the number of visitors has gradually increased. In 2015, more than 150,000 people attended the Festival from Canada and the United States; and Tirgan is expecting to host an even larger crowd in the coming event.

Tirgan by the Numbers:

150,000+ Visitors, 20+ Artists, 100+ Performances, 300+ Volunteers, 90+ Free Events

Although Tirgan Festival is based on the Iranian/Persian arts and culture, the programs are increasingly multilingual and the focus is on inclusivity of all cultures. Furthermore, there is a diverse mix of local and international artists coming from the US, France, Sweden, Azerbaijan, and Iran.

Tirgan is committed to continuing a cross-cultural dialog and promoting inclusivity by focusing on the purity of the arts, while steering clear of partisan, political, and religious topics.

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Tickets : 0-$50
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Date & Time: Thursday July 27th 5:00 pm to Sunday July 30th 5:00 PM
Programs: https://www.tirgan.ca/event#tirgan
Venue: Distillery District, Harbourfront Centre

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Public transport accessible
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