Family Activities - Vancouver

25 Fun Things to Do with Kids Inside Your Home

Just because you’re stuck indoors, doesn’t mean you really have to be stuck indoors. There are a ton of things that you and your kids can still… Read more »

30 Science Experiments to Do at Home with Kids

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45 Things to Do with Kids in Sunshine Coast

British Columbia is famous for its beautiful scenery, wild and secluded areas, history, culture and outdoor activities. The Sunshine Coast is home to all of the things… Read more »

Fun Things to Do with Kids in Maple Ridge

Take your kids to a local farm for a visit, hang out a local pool, learn some history or just be outdoors and active at this city located just a 45-minute drive from downtown Vancouver.

Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes in Metro Vancouver

The best family fun fall activity that screams fall? A visit to a nearby pumpkin patch and having fun getting lost in the corn maze!! Here is a list of places to check out in Metro Vancouver!

Fun Things to Do with Kids in Delta

Fun Things to Do with Kids in Delta

Part of the Greater Vancouver area, the municipality of Delta that includes Ladner, Tsawwassen, and North Delta has plenty of fun family activities where your kids can enjoy wildlife, birds, unique playgrounds, explore waterways, go hiking and many more fun activities!

Things to Do with Kids in Kamloops

With more than 100 lakes and various rivers in the area, Kamloops is a family dream destination for outdoor adventure. Canoeing, boating, swimming, and fishing all abound here, along with loads of other fun family activities that will have your kids clamouring for more. If you are visitors to the area and want to try your hand at fishing, check out the Kamloops Visitor’s Center Go Fish BC Rod Loan Program, which allows you and your family to borrow rods with reels and basic tackle at no charge.

Fun Things to Do with Kids in Prince George

Known as the capital of northern British Columbia, this city is the regional center for all kinds of fun activities that will appeal to children and families. From historical sites to outdoor adventures, and interactive museums to energy burning, fun filled activities, there is plenty to keep kids busy day in and day out.

Fun Things to Do with Kids in North Vancouver

North Vancouver offers some amazing outdoor activities and beautiful sites that all families will enjoy no matter what the season. Hiking, biking, skiing and water sport opportunities abound, so there are plenty of activities to keep your kids busy for days.

Family Fun Things to Do in New Westminster

Family Fun Things to Do in New Westminster

The oldest incorporated city in western Canada, New Westminster has plenty of historic and heritage sites, mixed with exciting opportunities for kids to explore and enjoy the… Read more »

Family Fun Things to Do in Chilliwack

Located approximately 100 kilometers from the city of Vancouver, Chilliwack is an excellent base for those families who love outdoor activities and agricultural adventures. With a blend of city and country, this area offers lots of things to do for kids of all ages. We have included activities in the nearby Cultus Lake area as well.

Family Fun Things to Do in Port Coquitlam

Just 27 kilometers east of the city of Vancouver you find Port Coquitlam. Not to be confused with the neighbouring Coquitlam, this city is on the north… Read more »

Fun Things to Do with Kids in Surrey

Located between the Fraser River and the US border, the city of Surrey hosts a multitude of activities for children and families. With a mixture of historic sites, outdoor activities, shopping and great restaurants, Surrey can be a destination on its own or great for day outings offering a multitude of fun family activities. From viisting family fun farms to exciting indoor amusement centres, here is a list of 25 fun things to do with kids in Surrey.

Fun Things to Do with Kids in Coquitlam

Fun Things to Do with Kids in Coquitlam

From hiking along the Upper Coquitlam River to the Crystal falls to enjoying nature in Minnekhada Regional Park to joining for fun educational workshops held by Coquitlam Heritage Society, Coquitlam abounds with outdoor activities and diverse entertainment opportunities. Here are 24 fun things to do with kids in Coquitlam.

Fun Things to Do with Kids in Richmond

Discover the fascinating history of the Gulf of Georgia cannery and fishing in the area, find out about the life in pioneer days, hike the nature park and more in Richmond! Every child will enjoy outings in this area, no matter what their age!

Fun Things to Do with Kids in Abbotsford

The city of Abbotsford is nestled just beside Mount Baker and is the largest city in terms of area in the province of British Columbia. From hatcheries, to fun family farms to delightful hikes and nature spaces, Abbotsford is chock full of family fun activities and enjoyable places to take your kids.

Fun Things to Do with Kids in Burnaby

Just to the east of Vancouver you will find the city of Burnaby. The city boasts numerous parks and outdoor activities, with views along the Fraser River and Burrard Inlet. Historic and cultural activities will provide activities for kids of all ages, and families will easily find something to occupy their time here. Here are 25 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Burnaby.

50+ Fun Things to Do with Kids in Vancouver

The beautiful coastal city of Vancouver encompasses just a small portion of the Lower Mainland area in British Columbia. The city itself covers only a small central area but abounds with an incredible list of things to do for families who find themselves in the area.
The following fun activities and sights are all found within the city itself, so no travelling out to the Metro Vancouver areas!

20+ Spring Break Getaways in British Columbia

20+ Spring Break Getaways in British Columbia

A province of playgrounds for all ages, British Columbia offers an extensive range of Spring Break getaways and activities designed to bring enjoyment to all ages. Why travel abroad when you can find such fun things to do in this amazing province?

25 Family Getaways in British Columbia

The dynamic landscape of beautiful British Columbia makes it the perfect spot for the perfect family trip. Whether your family enjoys exploring the mountain ranges, big cities or beach front destinations, BC has something for every family, young and old. Build memories exploring the numerous west coast destinations that BC has to offer.

Family Fun Things to Do this Summer in Vancouver

Vancouver is the place to be this summer! From camping in provincial parks to exploring scenic trails and participating in significant cultural experiences, there is no dearth of family friendly events and activities to do this summer!