These Are the Restrictions For Businesses That Choose Not to Implement Alberta’s Version of Vaccine Passport

Alberta’s Restriction Exemption Program is now in effect across the province.

The Restrictions Exemption Program allows eligible businesses, venues and services to be exempt from capacity and operating restrictions if they only allow in patrons with a privately purchased negative test or proof of vaccination or documentation of a medical exemption. If they do not implement this program, they are required to adhere to all public health measures that are now in effect.

The Restriction Exemption Program has two categories:

– In-Scope operators, or businesses who may implement vaccine proof and operate without restrictions

– Out-of-Scope operators who have to implement restrictions like reduced capacity

Restaurants, weddings and funerals, entertainment venues and adult sport and fitness fall under the ‘In-scope Operators category’ and places like retail and shopping malls, food courts, worship centres fall under ‘Out-of-scope operators category’.

Restrictions for In-Scope Businesses That Choose Not to Implement Restrictions Exemption Program:


If eligible businesses, venues and services (In-Scope operators) choose not to check patrons for a privately purchased negative test, proof of vaccination or documentation of a medical exemption, they should follow these mandatory measures:


  • Indoor dining is not permitted.
  • Outdoor dining only with a maximum of 6 people per table (one household or 2 close contacts for those living alone)
  • Liquor sales and consumption restrictions apply (sales end at 10pm, consumption by 11pm).

Weddings and funerals

  • All indoor ceremonies and services are limited to 50 attendees or 50 per cent fire code capacity, whichever is less.
  • Indoor wedding and funeral receptions are prohibited.
  • All outdoor ceremonies and services for weddings and funerals must be limited to 200 attendees. Outdoor receptions are required to follow liquor sales and consumption restrictions.

Entertainment and recreation facilities

includes any indoor venues, conferences, rental spaces, concerts, nightclubs, casinos and similar

  • Capacity limited to 1/3 fire code occupancy.
  • Attendees must be with household members only, or 2 close contacts if they live alone.

Adult sport, fitness, performance and recreation

  • Indoor activities
    • No indoor group classes or activities are permitted.
    • One-on-one training or individual workouts are permitted but three-metre physical distancing is required.
    • No contact between players; indoor competitions are paused except where vaccine exemptions have been granted.
  • There are no restrictions on outdoor activities.

Masks are mandatory at all indoor public places.


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