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Whether you are travelling TransCanada Highway on a cross-country trip or visiting family across the country, here are somethings to do on your journey as you travel the Manitoba section of Highway #1. There are so many small towns, villages and points of interest worth stopping at. Take a day in the city before heading to the next village museum. Since there are so many places worth checking out along the highway, we came up with a list that you won’t want to miss.

Travel Manitoba (Ontario/Manitoba Border)

Right when you arrive into Manitoba from Ontario, be sure to stop at Travel Manitoba. Not only is this a spot to rest and stretch your feet, but it is also a tourism spot. Get all the information you need about Manitoba right here.

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Hunt Lake Hiking Trail

You don’t have to venture too far north of the Trans-Canada to see this amazing trail. The Hunt Lake Hiking Trail is popular for travelers. If it is your first time travelling through Manitoba, here is the spot to take amazing photos.

Whiteshell Provincial Park

When you enter Manitoba from the Ontario border (east side of the province), your first stop is the Whiteshell Provincial Park. This is a huge park that offers lots of areas to take a break, including hiking trails, sightseeing and picnic areas.

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Falcon Lake

Continue down the highway,and you will drive by Falcon Lake. This is both a little town as well as a massive lake. You’ll be able to see the lake on the south side of the highway. Take a break to walk the shores and have a rest in the town of Falcon Lake.

Pine Grove Rest Area

The Pine Grove Rest Area is a popular place along the highway for commuters to take a break and relax. There is a sheltered area where you and the family can stop for a washroom break, picnic or take a nap before continuing down the road.

Sandilands Provincial Forest

The Sandilands Provincial Forest, right south of the highway, is a forest that covers roughly 3,000 km2 of land. This area is popular for hiking and camping, and a great resting spot when you need to stretch your legs.

Cripple Creek Campground

If you need a quiet area that includes a little fun, the Cripple Creek Campground is the spot. Relax, stretch your legs, go for a swim, have a picnic, and head back out on the road.


If you’re in need of some snacks along the highway, make a stop at Geppetto’s. Right south of the highway, here you can relax, take a break and enjoy some delicious food. Many travellers enjoy tacking on a few minutes to the trip to stop here.

Wild Oaks/Rock Garden Campgrounds

Directly north of Richer (right south of the Trans-Canada) are two campgrounds, the Wild Oaks Campground and Rock Garden Campground. Both are great areas to relax, have a picnic and a nap before heading back out on the road.

Lilac Resort

If the kids are restless and everyone needs a break, Lilac Resort is the place to stop. Whether you make it a day stop or stay a couple of nights, this resort is Manitoba’s ultimate water park.

Fun Mountain Water Slide Park

Before you decide if you venture into Winnipeg or take the bypass, consider stopping at Fun Mountain Water Slide Park. This adventurous spot is a place to let out some energy while having a little fun.

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The city of Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba. Instead of taking the bypass, take the day to explore a multicultural city. Winnipeg has a lot to offer regarding sightseeing and things to do. Take a look at the experiences you shouldn’t miss in Winnipeg.
• Stop at the Assiniboine Park
• The Forks
• Museum of Human Rights
• Manitoba Legislative Building

Thunder Rapids Amusement Park

Need a bit of fun along the drive? Add a stop at Thunder Rapids Amusement Park on your adventure. Get a thrill from driving race cars or hitting the batting cage.

White Horse Monument

Looking for spots to stop and take pictures? Not far west of Winnipeg is the White Horse Monument. It dates back to September 1966 to commemorate an Aboriginal Legend.


Photo Credit: University of Manitoba

Creekside Camping & RV Park

Right off the Assiniboine River is Creekside Camping & RV Park. Whether you need a nap or a place to stay for the night, this cozy campground will have everything you need.

Miller’s Camping Resort

Just north of the highway is the Miller’s Camping Resort. This little campground can give you what you need for a picnic or a full night’s stay. You can even call right from the highway to get a pot.

Fort La Reine Museum

Take a step back in time and visit the Fort La Reine Museum. Only a slight detour off the highway and you’ll be at the museum’s front doors. Get a feel of early pioneer life throughout the prairies and this newly established facility.

Portage la Prairie

You’ll see a couple of signs that will direct you into the city of Portage la Prairie less than an hour west of Winnipeg. Make a quick stop in this city for some food and fun:
• Splash Island Park
• World’s Largest Coca Cola Can
• Portage and District Arts Centre
• F&G Aviation

Portage Spillway Provincial Park

It may be small, but the Portage Spillway Provincial Park is worth the stop. Directly south of the city, this little park is a great spot to picnic, berry pick and wander around the sights.

Halfway Tree

Here is another spot worth making a quick pit-stop. The Halfway Tree has been known for generations of travelers that shows the halfway point on their journey. Before the signs were used, people would use landmarks to point out destinations on their trip.

Shady Oaks RV Resort & Campground

Another campground to add to the list of places to stop and rest your head. If you are looking for an excellent family campground, the Shady Oaks RV Resort & Campground is the place. The kids can run around the playground and swim in the pool.

Seton Provincial Park Rest Area

Travelling across the province can be exhausting. The Seton Provincial Park Rest Area is a great place to stretch, have a snack and use the washroom.

Carberry Plains Museum

Not far south on Provincial Trunk Highway 5 is the little town of Carberry. You can make the town a pit-stop, but you’ll want to swing by the Carberry Plains Museum. Go back in time by over a hundred years when instead of driving a vehicle, it would be horse-drawn carts.

Spruce Woods Provincial Forest Rest Stop

The Spruce Woods Provincial Forest Rest Stop is here for those who need a nap, to stretch their feet or snap the perfect photo in the trees.


Instead of driving past it, take the day to tour around the city of Brandon. This bustling area is filled with things to do and places to see:

  • Brandon Armoury
  • Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
  • Riverbank Discovery Centre
  • Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba

The Perogy Lady and More

In need of a snack? Just south of the highway on the edge of Kemnay is The Perogy Lady and More. Enjoy delicious perogies before heading back out on the road.


Whether you are entering Manitoba from the west, or have been travelling all the way from the east, Virden is an excellent stopping point. You can stay on the service road for food, and fuel, or venture into the town for some entertainment:
• Victoria Park
• Canadian Pacific Railway Station
• Eternal Springs
• Goulding House

Manitoba Antique Automobile Museum

Right on the outskirts of Elkhorn is the Manitoba Antique Automobile Museum. Whether you like cars or not, this is a neat little place to check out along your journey.

Welcome to Manitoba

Right past the Saskatchewan and Manitoba border is the Welcome to Manitoba sign. You can stop here for a rest and take a picture with the province-shaped sign.

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