Must Visit Scenic Lookouts in Manitoba


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Manitoba is not just a flat prairie land, but a beautiful region with a varied landscape and stunning views. Climb hills and cliffs, walk along lakes to enjoy soaring views of vistas. From the beauty of the escarpment at the Bald Hill to the beautiful Pembina Valley, the wonder of the Souris River bend to the power of water at the Pisew Falls, this article explores the beauty found in Manitoba’s vantage points.

1. Tulabi Falls


In Anishinabe language, Nopiming means “Entrance to the wilderness”. At Tulabi Falls you are awarded exactly that – an amazing view of wilderness of Nopiming Provincial Park. Fish for walleyes, tulabi, northern pike, and perch or enjoy paddling at the Lake. You can camp overnight at the Tulabi Falls Campground. Trial Map

Location: Nopiming Provincial Park

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2. Bald Hill

The Bald Hill is one of the most beautiful lookouts in Manitoba. With steep inclines and flat lands, the North Escarpment trail presents a good challenging hike. And what a reward is awaiting hikers at the end – breadthtaking views of hills, valleys and forests from the top of a bald hill. Trail Map

Distance: 8.7 km; Moderate; Trail Conditions

Location: Riding Mountain National Park; The trailhead is located a 45 minute drive along Highway 19 from the Wasagaming townsite.

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3. Top of the World

Yes! That’s the name of the trail. Take in stunning vistas of Falcon Lake at the look out. This looped trail can be enjoyed in all seasons and goes over rocky and forested landscape. At the viewpoint, relax at the bench and admire the views of Falcon lake and surrounding forests. Trail Map

Distance: 4 km; Moderate

Location: Whiteshell Provincial Park; Hike along the High Lake Trail (trailhead at the Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes Parking Lot) for about 1.5 km. Follow signs for ‘High Lake Eco Cabins’ until you reach the Top of the World loop (1 km).

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4. Clearwater Lake


Be rewarded with a stunning view of crystal clear blue waters of the Clearwater Lake. This spring-fed lake is renowned for its deep, cold, clear water as well as large lake trout. To get the best view of the lake, hike the Caves Self-guiding Trail. You won’t find actual caves here, but rather cave-like spaces (deep crevices) that formed when rock pieces split away from the cliff. Trail Map

Distance: o.8 km (45 minute); Easy

Location: Clearwater Lake Provincial Park; Leaving The Pas, follow PTH 10 north 19 km/11.8 mi. to PR 287, turn east and travel 19 km/11.8 mi. to the park

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5. Turtle’s Back Hiking Trail

The Turtle’s Back Hiking trail follows the shores of William Lake. Hike through hills of aspen and oak, cross marshes and creeks, and finally to a lookout tower.from where you can enjoy spectacular views of southwestern Manitoba including the International Peace Garden.

Trial Map


Distance: 6.9 km, Moderate; Strenuous near the summit; some portions may be wet.

Location: William Lake Provincial Park; Located east of Highway # 10 and south of Highway #3

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6. Cape Merry

Take in the gorgeous landscape of the North at Cape Merry. The vast stretch of land with boulders and orange lichen is strangely calming. Located in Churchill, the Cape Merry Battery was an important post during the fur trade era. Details

Location: Churchill; Located on the east shore of the Churchill River across from Prince of Wales Fort.

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7. Walk On Ancient Mountains

Walking On Ancient Mountains trail is a short hike with several short, but steep inclines and leads to spectacular 360° views. Those interested may study exposed rock surfaces that provide clues about the ancient mountains that once towered above here. Trail Map

Distance: 1.8 km (1 hour 20 minute); Moderate

Location: Nopiming Provincial Park; Park Directions From Winnipeg, follow PTH 59 north to PTH 44, east to PTH 11, north to PR 313, east to PR 315 leading to Bird Lake at the south end of the park. PR 314, just inside the park, takes you north through the park. Distance: 227 km/141 mi.

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8. Pisew Falls

Experience this amazing waterfall in Manitoba, where Grass River falls down with a 13 m/42.7 ft drop. Though this is not Manitoba’s highest waterfall, the Pisew falls is one of most Instagrammable places in the province. This waterfall can be easily accessed via a short boardwalk that offers two vantage points. Details


Photo Credit: Travel Manitoba

Location: Thompson; The short turn off to Pisew Falls is 74 km / 46 mi. south of Thompson on PTH 6.

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9. Hogsback Trail

This short trail from the Hogsback viewpoint moves along a narrow sand ridge to a beaver-dammed pool. Enjoy unobstructed views of the Assiniboine River valley along the trail. Spruce woods provincial Park has many other trails to enjoy with amazing scenic views including the Spirit Sands and Devil’s Punch bowl.

Distance: 1.2 km; Easy to moderate

Location: Spruce Woods Provincial Park

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10. Hunt Lake

One of the most scenic trails in Whiteshell Provincial Park, the Hunt Lake trail is a difficult trail that follows the east shore of West Hawk Lake. All those steep climbs will be rewarded with spectacular views of the lake. Take along your swimwear for a refreshing swim. Trail Map

Distance: 12.8 km (return); Moderate to Difficult; Allow 3 hours to reach the trails end.

Location: Whiteshell Provincial Park

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11. Pembina Valley


Take in beautiful views of the Pembina Valley all along the trail! With many lookout points, the Pembina Rim Trail has some of the best scenic lookouts in the Manitoba. Trail Map

Distance: 6.5 km; Moderate

Location: Pembina Valley Provincial Park

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12. West Hawk Lake

An easy trail will take you up a rocky outcrop that overlooks the West Hawk Lake. But what a view it is at the end! Dragon Fire Trail Map

Distance: 1.1 km

Location: West Hawk Lake Campground

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13. Flin Flon

This view is one of a kind! Flinty’s Boardwalk and Trail is a 4.2 km long trail that will lead you to an amazing view of the city of Flin Flon. The climb to the top of the volcanic rocks, overlooking Ross Lake, makes for a challenging, yet rewarding hike. Trail Map

Distance: 4.2 km; Moderate

Location: City of Flin Flon

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14. Steep Rock

Beautiful waters, rocky cliffs, small caves, beautiful sunset – all these await you at Steep Rock. Walk along the shore line of the cliffs, kayak or explore the caves, or enjoy turquoise waters from the quarry. There is so much to do here. Those who enjoy hiking can try the hiking trail that encircles the quarry. Trail Map

Location: Steep Rock; Located 2.5 hours North of Winnipeg, off Highway 6

15. Gorge Creek Trail

Follow a gorge through thick boreal forests, small streams and steep slopes with endless views of the escarpment and lush forests! The trail has many scenic views and follows a varied landscape that provides a challenging hike. Details

Distance: 12.8 km; Difficult

Location: Riding Mountain National Park; Located along PTH 19

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15. Blueberry Rock

Located in Lac du Bonnet, this is an easy loop with granite rock ridges, a quarry, and a lookout tower that provides a view of the Winnipeg River. There are picnic areas and an abundance of wildlife to enjoy in the trail. This trail is part of the Blue Water South Trail, a Trans Canada Trail. Details

Distance: 1.8 km; Easy

Location: From Lac du Bonnet, go east on Hwy #313, and drive north on Blueberry Rock Drive for just over 1 km. You can see the trailhead sign and parking lot on the left.

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16. Griffiths Hill

Griffiths Hill can be accessed from the Chickadee trail as well as via the Bluestem and Aspen Trail Loop. Griffiths Hill is the halfway point along the Chickadee trail and is the highest elevation in the region at 265 m above sea level. The lookout tower at the Hill provides a view of the west side of the park, beyond the Park’s boundary. Trail Map


Distance: 4 km (return); 2 hours

Location: Birds Hill Provincial Park; Start at the Chickadee parking lot, off North Drive.

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17. Lover’s Leap

The Ducks or the escarpment always provides breath-taking views shaped during the glacial process. From the steep bank, see views of the Pine River flowing below. Details

Distance: 3.5 km; Moderate

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18. Baldy Mountain


Baldy Mountain is the highest point in the province at 831 meters above sea level. Climb the viewing tower (0.6 m) at the summit for a southward view of Grandview Valley and the slope of the Riding Mountain beyond it. Interpretive signs provides information on the early inhabitants, fur trade as well as the Ducks. Although the viewing tower is located very near to the trailhead, you can go along the looped old Central trail for a good hike. The trail leads to a viewpoint above a wetland. Trail Map

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Wanna Get High? This past Saturday, I ended up at the Baldy Mountain viewing tower in Duck Mountain Provincial Park which happens to be the highest elevation in Manitoba! I took a random drive with Asessippi in mind but next thing you know, I’m stopping at every lake off of the 367 !! I highly enjoyed exploring and capturing the unique geography of the area.The forest here is diverse with many different types of trees and plant life and the views are outstanding. I’m mighty glad I decided to keep heading north after a nice lunch in Roblin. I hope I can return sometime this year and maybe kayak a one of the Blue lakes! Here’s a photo of the lookout tower at Baldy Mountain #mbexplorer #adventuremanitoba #exploremb #explorecanada #exploremanitoba #duckmountainprovincialpark #baldymountain #tourcanada #enjoycanada #explorepage #yourmanitoba #lookouttower #trailsmanitoba #duckmountainoutdoors #viewfromthetop #manitoba #canada #globalcapture #dronenature #droneofficial #djicreator #sharecangeo #cangeotravel #droneoftheday #dronecountries

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Distance: 3 km; 2 hours; Moderate

Location: Duck Mountain Provincial Park; Trailhead is situated on top of Baldy Mountain

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19. Rice Creek Tower

Accessed by a 32.2 km multi-day hiking trail is a lookout that offers stunning views of Manitoba Lowlands. Some visitors opt to drive and hike the last few kilometers to the lookout point. Details

Location: Mountain, Manitoba

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20. Bakers Narrows

The viewing tower at Bakers Narrows provides a spectacular 360° view of crystal clear waters, boreal forest and rock outcrops. The interpretive signs describe how the history of the area was influenced by early inhabitants. The lookout tower is located near in the day use area across the Park Office. Details

Distance: 1.5 km return; 30 minutes; Easy

Location: Bakers Narrows Provincial Park; Located south off Flin Flon

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21. Souris River Bend

See the power of nature at the Souris River Bend where the Souris was captured by a tributary of the Assiniboine. Details

Location: Souris River Bend Wildlife Management Area

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22. Blueberry Hill Trail

This is a short 1.8 km hiking loop trail that is perfect for families. With a lookout tower and blueberries to pick along the trail, this trail is frequented by hikers who want to enjoy an easy hike. Details

Location: Lac du Bonnet

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