St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park

St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park, Turnbull Drive, Winnipeg



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Turenne House; Manitoba Historical Society


St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park takes you back to the times of early French-Canadian settlement. It is located at the junction of Red and La Salle rivers. This piece of land preserves the history of the early aboriginal people residents, the Métis who adapted to the life here, and the heritage of the French Canadians before World War I.

Things to Do at St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park

See Heritage Houses

The first settlers in this region were the employees and Métis families (early 18oos) of fur trade companies. Remnants of their legacy has been preserved at the park for future generations to view. Visitors to the park can see three St. Norbert pioneer log houses.

The Turenne House (restored 1886) has the characteristics of Manitoba vernacular farm house with a main entrance flanked by two windows and a simple gable roof with chimneys at either end, while the Benjamin Bohémier House (restored 1985) sports distinct French architectural features with a gambrel roof (a two‐sided roof with two slopes on each side). Both the Bohémier and Turenne homes are restored and furnished to give visitors a glimpse of early Métis life.


Bohémier House; Manitoba Historical Society

The other Franco‐Manitoban buildings seen here, the Delorme House and the Henderson House, are built using log‐connecting technique distinct to the Red River Settlement (known as the Red River Frame).

Also on display is an outdoor refrigerator used in summer.

Enjoy Scenic Walks

Visitors can enjoy a scenic walk along the 1 km self-guiding trail along the junction of the Red and LaSalle rivers.


If you have a valid fishing license, enjoy fishing the waters.

Programs and activities

Children’s programs are held during the summer months. The park also offers Interpreter-led tours (1 hour) of the houses and also hands-on activities.


Lovers of Geocaching can borrow GPS device for free from the Interpretive Centre and go treasure hunting.


Enjoy a picnic on the grounds with family and friends.

There is no camping at the Park. Bolton Lake Lodge Inc is just 5 mins drive away from the Park

Attractions near St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park

Visitors may also try St. Norbert Heritage Trail (30+ km) to gain a deeper understanding St. Norbert’s rich cultural heritage and the birth of Manitoba. Hiking, walking, running, cross-country skiing, cycling, canoeing, horse-riding along this trial. On this route, you can see the Trappist Monastery.

A visit to St. Norbert will be incomplete if you leave out Manitoba’s largest open-air market. Open from June through October, St. Norbert Farmers’ Market offers you the very best of local wares.


Located just minutes away is the La Barrière Park, a great place for canoeing, fishing, hiking and biking.

River Oak golf course is just a 15 minutes drive from the Park.

When to Visit St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park

Open May long weekend to September long weekend.

Thursday to Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Monday : 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

How to Get to St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park

Located at 40 Turnbull Drive 3.0 km/1.9 miles south of the Winnipeg perimeter off PTH 75.
Approximate 20 km ~ 30 minutes from downtown Winnipeg
Ph: 204-945-4236 in season, Ph: 204-945-4375 off season


How much to visit

Free admission

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