Interzip Rogers: Zipline From Ontario to Quebec Across Ottawa River


Credit: Interzip Rogers

Now that the provincial border between Ontario and Quebec is open for leisure travel, do something so mind-blowing and exhilarating that you’ll never ever forget it — cross the Ottawa river, not a boat or the bridge but, by flying across it! Yes, flying across it on the 1st ever interprovincial zip line in the whole world!

The zip line connects Ontario to Quebec and allows you to fly all the way into Ottawa from Gatineau while looking down at the most spectacular views that cannot be seen from any other angle.

The idea behind this design was to unite two cultures and two beautiful cities in a unique and creative way. The construction of the zip line required about 1,400 feet of cable to connect the two shores.


The location is stunning making it the perfect place for sightseeing as it gives you a unique experience of seeing some of the national landmarks of both cities, high up in the sky. You can take incredible pictures and amazing videos as you zip line across the border of these cities.

The departure tower is 120 feet above sea level, on the Zibi site and for those of you who are scared of heights, you have nothing to worry about because this experience is completely safe. Everything will be provided to you at the tower from the helmet and harness to all the other equipment.

Interzip Rogers

What: Zipline across Ottawa River on a 1,400 foot-long zip line above 120 feet sea level at 40 km/hr.

Where: Check-in at Zibi site, 40-Z, Jos-Montferrand street, Gatineau.

Launch tower is on Chaudière Island on the Ottawa side of Zibi site.

Currently, there is no shuttle back to the starting point. You will have to walk back.

When: Opens: June 24th, 2021

How much: $36.99 for adults and $26.99 for kids.

Max. weight: 275 lbs
Min. weight: 70 lbs

Reservations can be made in two ways:
– Online
– By phone at (613) 695-5248




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