25 Unique Museums to Visit in Manitoba


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Are you looking for some fun, educational places to visit in Manitoba? This heartland province boats of many unique museums, both large and small. Here are 25 museums that you’re going to want to check out.

The Manitoba Museum


Visit a Manitoba staple and head to this museum in Winnipeg. The Manitoba Museum’s exhibits feature a range of eras and items, all of which have to do with Manitoba’s expansive history. You’re sure to learn something new every time you visit this museum.

190 Rupert Ave, Winnipeg; 204-956-2830

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

It wouldn’t be a list of museums in Manitoba without including the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Featuring exhibitions that outline human rights in Canada, there’s plenty to learn and see here. Schedule in a few hours for your trip to this museum.

85 Israel Asper Way, Winnipeg; 204-289-2000

Dalnavert Museum

Located in Winnipeg, the Dalnavert Museum is located in a historic home. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to live in the 1900s, then a trip to this museum is a great way to learn. They frequently have seasonal and holiday events, so make sure to check those out when they’re running.

61 Carlton St, Winnipeg; 204-943-2835

Mennonite Heritage Village

Manitoba was a place where many Mennonite immigrants settled. You can learn all about this part of the province’s history by visiting the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach. This outdoor museum is the perfect place to visit on a warm spring or summer day.

231 Provincial Trunk Hwy 12, Steinbach; 204-326-9661

Daly House Museum

The Daly House was home to Thomas Mayne Daly II, who was Brandon’s first lawyer. Visit this museum which recreates the experience of living in 19th century Brandon. No matter what time of year you go, you’ll love learning about a major piece of the city’s history.

122 18th St, Brandon; 204-727-1722

Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba

If you’re an art buff, then you’re going to want to visit the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba. Check out all the gallery’s permanent installations, and make sure to keep an eye out for all their temporary ones too. You may also want to consider taking one of their art classes.

710 Rosser Ave, Unit 2, Brandon; 204-727-1036

Brandon General Museum

If you’d like to get to know Brandon’s history, then this is the perfect museum to visit. Tour their exhibits and galleries and learn all about Brandon from its founding to its present day. This is also where the archives are stored, so if you have any related projects you’re working on, you’ll want to head here.

19 9th St, Brandon; 204-717-1514

Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre

If you’re interested in paleontology, then the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden is the place to go. Learn all about the creatures that inhabited the area millions of years ago, as well as the people who research and discover them. The museum offers tours if you prefer a guided experience. Interested in a Fossil Dig Adventure? The museum also conducts Fossil Dig Adventure Tours for earth science enthusiasts.

111-B Gilmour St, Morden; 204-822-3406


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Beautiful Plains Museum

Visit the Beautiful Plains Museum and learn all about the town of Neepawa’s history. Located in the town’s old railway station, all of its 3 floors contain elements of Neepawa’s history. There’s plenty to learn and see when you visit this museum.

91 Hamilton St, Neepawa; 204-476-3896

Margaret Lawrence House

Margaret Lawrence was a famed Canadian author hailing from Neepawa, Manitoba. Visit her old home and learn all about her life, as well as the town’s history. While you’re here, you may want to pick up a few of her books to read too.

312 First Ave, Neepawa; 204-476-3612

Marine Museum of Manitoba

Have an interest in what marine life in the area was like? The Marine Museum of Manitoba allows visitors to climb aboard the real ships that used to sail on Lake Winnipeg. Make sure to check out their seasonal events too.

490 490 Eveline St, Selkirk; 204-482-7761

Anola & District Museum

If you’re looking for a quaint, unique museum to visit, then the Anola & District Museum is the perfect place to go. Outlining the history of this Manitoba municipality, you’ll get to learn all about what early life was like here. The museum includes a blacksmith shop, a school, and a fire hall.

725 Weiser Crescent, Anol; 204-866-2922

Dauphin Rail Museum

Canada has a rich railway history. You can learn all about it at the Dauphin Rail Museum, housed in an old station. This is the perfect place to go for anyone looking to learn about a major part of Canadian history.

101 1 Ave NW Unit A, Dauphin; 204-202-4622

Fort Dauphin Museum

Fort Dauphin Museum contains all sorts of aspects of the area’s history. Learn what life was like for early settlers in the area, or travel back to millions of years ago by checking out the prehistoric fossils. The museum holds regular events, so make sure to keep an eye out for any that might be of interest to you.

140 Jackson St, Dauphin; 204-638-6630

Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

Interested in learning about what life was like for early Canadian pioneers? Paying a visit to Lower Fort Garry will let you see the experience for yourself. This outdoor museum is the perfect place to spend a day learning about Canadian history.

5925 Provincial Trunk Hwy 9, St Andrews; 204-785-6050

St Andrews Rectory

Learn all about the history of the beautiful St Andrews area by visiting the St Andrews Rectory. Check out all the artifacts you’ll find at this museum, and spend a few hours exploring the past. You’ll also want to be sure to keep an eye out for any fun upcoming events.

374 River Rd, Saint Andrews; 204-339-6396

Fort la Reine Museum

The Fort la Reine Museum displays thousands of artifacts that relate to the prairie history of the Portage la Prairie. Step back into the 1850s to discover the life of the early settlers and follow their journey in fur trading. The museum also conducts various programs and events.

2652 E Saskatchewan Ave, Portage la Prairie; 204-857-3259

Snow Lake Mining Museum

Located in northern Manitoba in Snow Lake, the Snow Lake Mining Museum features exhibits that detail the province’s mining history. This quaint museum features real equipment used during mining operations. Designated a star attraction in 2006, you won’t want to miss visiting the Snow Lake Mining Museum.

163 Poplar Ave, Snow Lake; 204-358-7867

Beckoning Hills Museum

If you’ve found yourself in the Boissevain area, then you’ll want to make sure to visit the Beckoning Hills museum. This museum may be small, but there’s plenty to see here. You’ll get to learn all about the culture, education, and history of the area.

425 Mill Rd, Boissevain; 204-534-6544

Moncur Gallery

Visit this museum in Boissevain and learn all about the pre-contact First Nations that called the area home. Most artifacts were curated by Bill Moncur, are a farmer in the area, as well as other archaeologists. You’ll love discovering Manitoba’s long, incredible history here.

298 Mountain St, Boissevain; 204-534-6662

New Iceland Heritage Museum

Learn all about a unique group of people who settled in Manitoba by going to the New Iceland Heritage Museum in Gimli. Explore the museum on your own, or join one of the guided tours. Either way, you’ll love checking out this great museum.

94 1 Ave, Gimli; 204-642-4001

When you visit this museum, you’ll get to learn all about the history of the First Nations and the settlers of the area. The museum contains a range of artifacts and photographs that describe northern Manitoba’s past. They also offer various events and programs.

306 Fischer Ave, The Pas; 204-623-3802

Charlebois Heritage Museum

This museum may be small, but it’s rich in history. The Charlebois Heritage Museum is a little chapel in The Pas built in 1897 and was Manitoba’s first Roman Catholic church. Today, this chapel is a designated historic site of Manitoba.

106 First St W, The Pas; 204-623-6152

Gimli Glider Exhibit

Gimli has a surprising aviation history. You can learn all about it by visiting this quaint little exhibition! You’ll get to see several artifacts related to the plane that made a historic descent in Gimli in 1983.

10 Centre St, Gimli; 204-642-5577

Cooks Creek Heritage Museum

If you’d like to learn about the history of the people who immigrated to Canada from Slavic countries in Europe, then head to this museum. Cooks Creek Heritage Museum features several buildings you can explore. Make sure to keep an eye out for any upcoming events too.

68148 Cooks Creek Rd 30E, Dugald; 204-444-4448

Flin Flon Station Museum

Located in northern Manitoba, Flin Flon has a rich history. You can see it for yourself by visiting the Flin Flon Station Museum. Full of artifacts related to mining, travel, and even diving. There’s so much to see at this museum.

MB-10 Alt, Flin Flon; 204-687-2946

Did we miss any great museums? Let us know.

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