Free Saskatoon Public Library Services to Get You Through COVID-19 Social Distancing Days


Saskatoon Public Library

City of Saskatoon Public Library locations across the city are closedto prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19.

Saskatchewan Declares State of Emergency

Even though the Public Library locations are closed, Saskatoon Public Library provides plenty of free services that you can access without you ever having to set foot in a “physical” location.

Don’t have a Library Card? You can now get a temporary Card online that will allow you to use most of the resources of the Digital Library.

Here are 10 of the best free services to help you through social distancing:

1. Get access to News from around the World: Read news about all national and regional events as well as from around the world using your Saskatoon Library Card.


2. Learn to make music:Learn to play virtual instruments through

Find information on classical music including duration composer biographies and instrumentation using Naxos Works Database.

3. Watch free movies and TV shows:

Movies, TV shows, documentaries, ballet and opera performances are all accessible with your Library card. Use one or all of the following video services:

4. Brush up your skills or learn something new: Learn a new skill through educational videos from recognized professionals through Lynda.

5. Find a new career: Use library resources to get find your ideal career.

6. Learn a new language: Learn a new language through Mango Languages. Mango Languages now includes Little Pin – language learning for kids from 0 – 6.

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7. Study or Do your Homework through Online Help: These resources provided by the library can be used to aid in your homework.


8. Stream music in every genre: Listen to thousands of great music tracks on your favourite device. You can access them via

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9. Research your heritage: Search for local and family histories with guides, interactive census maps, and more.

10. Read a magazine or a book: Download a variety of magazines and ebooks. eBooks are available from:

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      when will the mayfair library be open again?

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