15 Roadside Attractions For a Road Trip in Manitoba

Feel like heading out on a road trip and doing something fun? Visiting Manitoba’s several large roadside attractions is a great way to get out and about and check out the quirkiest parts of the province. Here are 15 roadside attractions in Manitoba that you’re going to want to check out!

World’s Largest Curling Rock


Curling is a Manitoba favourite! You can experience Manitoba’s love of the sport for yourself by checking out this roadside attraction at the Arborg Curling and Community Club. The world’s largest curling rock is a tribute to two Manitoba curling teams and is a fun attraction to check out for those interested in the sport.


World’s Largest Sturgeon

Are you something of an angler? If you’re an avid fisher, head to Dominion City and check out the world’s largest sturgeon. This monument is in honour of Sandy Waddell who, in 1903, fished a 15 ½ foot-long 400-pound sturgeon from the Roseau River.


Sunny the Banana and Breezy the Blue Jay

If you ever happen to find yourself in the Melita, you’ll want to check out this roadside attraction! The goofy 33-foot tall banana and blue jay combo are perfect for anyone who wants to add a sense of humour to their road trip. It also represents the area’s large blue jay population, so keep an eye out for these noisy, beautiful birds!


Banana Man

The Viking


Gimli is one of Manitoba’s most popular tourist attractions—and for good reason! There’s plenty to do here including the famous Icelandic festival. While you are here, visit the Viking Park that has a 15 feet Viking Statue which was erected as part Canadian centennial celebrations in 1967 by the Gimli Chamber of Commerce.


Gimli Viking

Sara the Camel

Manitoba is home to a famous camel. Sure, it may not be a real camel, but Sara the Camel is a popular roadside attraction! Head to Glenboro and meet Sara located at the junction of Cochrane Street and Highway #2 for yourself! Representing Spirit Sands, Manitoba’s only desert located in Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Sara is 17 ft tall and was installed in 1978.



You don’t need to hop on a plane to experience the beauty of Holland. The town of Holland can offer you its own fun tourist attractions! Visit the town’s 42-foot tall windmill, reminiscent of the man for which the town is named, Arthur Holland. You’ll also want to spend some time exploring this tiny, quaint town.


Credit: Manitoba Tourism


Canada Goose

The Canada Geese are one of the markers of the change in seasons in Canada. Though they may disappear in the winter, that doesn’t mean you can’t still visit one of these birds. Head to Lundar, Manitoba, and check out the province’s largest Canada Goose, standing at 18 feet tall and 20 feet wide. The goose is mounted on a rotating stand that allows the goose to face the direction of the wind.


Giant Mosquito

While many Manitoba residents curse the mosquitoes that populate the province, the Rural Municipality of Rockwood takes a different approach. Their giant mosquito monument was built in 1984 honours the town of Komarno, a word which means “lots of mosquitoes” in Ukrainian. Visit the 4.6-meter tall mosquito for yourself—just make sure you try to avoid the real ones while you’re there.

Giant Mosquito


Tommy the Turtle

In the town of Boissevain, you’ll find this 28-foot tall turtle. Tommy the Turtle indicates the town’s proximity to the nearby beautiful Turtle Mountain. Visit Tommy the Turtle, and then head to Turtle Mountain Provincial Parkfor a hike!


World’s Tallest Painting on an Easel

This 76-foot tall monument in Altona holds a reproduction of Van Gogh’s famous sunflower painting. Built in 1998, the easel was built to represent Altona’s designation as the Sunflower Capital of Canada. Check out the easel, as well as the area’s sunflowers, for yourself!




Visit the small town of Arden, Manitoba, and check out its claim to fame. Also known as the Crocus Capital of Manitoba, Arden erected a monument to these beautiful flowers in 2001. Visit the nine-foot tall monument in early spring and you’ll find plenty of the real flowers themselves.


Elm Creek Fire Hydrant

Have no fear of flames when you visit Elm Creek! This Manitoba town is home to an 8.99-meter fire hydrant. The monument was built with the help of local volunteer firefighters in 2001 and is the second tallest fire hydrant in the world.



S-Sam & S-Sara Garter Snakes

Located in Inwood Park, this monument is a testament to the garter snakes that call the area home. Visit S-Sam and S-Sara Gartner Snakes, constructed in 1985, and snap a few pictures with the 15-foot tall monument before heading north of Inwood, where you’ll find the Narcisse Snake Dens. Here, you’ll find thousands of these red-sided garter snakes.


Polar Bear

Churchill is a popular destination for tourists because of its high concentration of wildlife. Located right on Hudson Bay, one of Churchill’s several tourist attractions includes their giant polar bear. Visit this roadside attraction, and keep your eyes peeled for any real polar bears you may find!


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