50+ Outdoor Things to Do this Summer in Southeast Manitoba

Manitoba‘s Southeast region is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. With a multitude of options to choose from, from the mildest to some of the most challenging activities, your time in this region is bound to be memorable. Check out these outdoor adventures you can try in Southeast Manitoba.


50 Outdoor Adventures in Manitoba

**Please make sure you are aware of all travel and health advisories before planning a trip. Carry water and other essentials when you go hiking. See adventuresmart.ca for how to plan a safe outdoor trip**

Crow Wing Trail

This 193-km long trail is one of the longest sections of Trans Canada Trail and connects St. Norbert to Emerson. The trail passes through the municipalities of Emerson-Franklin, Roseau River First Nation, De Salaberry, St-Pierre-Jolys, Niverville, and Ritchot via community parks, bush and pasture trails, and dikes. This region was once the bottom of the glacial Lake Agassiz, but as it drained north this region was exposed leaving behind a fertile Tall Grass Prairie. The remnants of the Tall Grass species can still be found along the trail. The trail is a multi-use pathway and closely follows the route of a Red River Ox-Cart Trail used in the mid-1800s to move goods and provisions. Perfect for all levels, the trail has many sections that are easy to navigate, as well as sections that cater to the more experienced. Details

You can also check out the much shorter St. Adolphe Crow Wing Trail Loop. Details (PDF link)

Senkiw Bridge Loop – There are many interesting stops along the trail. Amoung them the most insta worthy one is the Senkiw Bridge. Constructed in 1946 across the Roseau River, the Senkiw Bridge Loop is an easy 2.4 km hike to undertake if you don’t want to undertake the whole Crow Wing Trail.

Border to Beaches Trail

Winding 370 km from the boreal forests near Falcon Lake area on the Ontario border, the trail continues northwest to the beaches of Lake Winnipeg (Grand Beach (Beaconia area)). On its way, the trail passes through rugged Canadian Shield terrain to the sandy, post-glacial beaches of Lake Winnipeg. Certain sections of the trails are designed for hiking, cycling, and horseback riding, as well as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter months. The trail is built and upgraded by Trails Manitoba. Details

Red River North Trail – This 401.94 km long trail is a recreational trail that cuts across varied landscapes and passes through various communities in Manitoba. Starting from the north of the City of Winnipeg, the trail is is the longest Active Transportation Trail in Manitoba. The trail goes to MacArthur Falls Area through Birds Hill Provincial Park, Lower Fort Garry, before heading to East Selkirk and Tyndall, passing through the Mars Sand Hills to Grand Marais and Grand Beach; with sections of dual routing at Grand Beach. The trail moves across Belair Provincial Forest to Stead, onto Powerview-Pine Falls, Great Falls, and MacArthur Falls area that connects to the Blue Water South Trail to the Pinawa Dam. Route Map

Blue Water South Trail – Stretching from Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park to Great Falls is the 37 km long Blue Water South Trail that connects Red River North Trail to the Pinawa Trail. At the Pinawa Dam site, see Manitoba’s first and what was once a fully operating hydroelectric generating station. Now a popular spot, visitors come here to explore the history, enjoy paddling, swimming and hiking.

Pinawa Trail – From the Pinawa Dam Provincial Park to the Seven Sisters Generating Station is the 28.47 km Pinawa Trail. There are lots to see in this trail including the old Pinawa Dam, 54-metre Pinawa Suspension Bridge, and the Seven Sisters Causeway and Generating Station. Use the Old Pinawa self-guiding trail (PDF link) map to explore the original Pinawa townsite or the Dam Ruins walk (PDF link) to know more about the Dam. The Pinawa Trail includes The Ironwood trail (a multi-use trail that follows the Winnipeg River), Pinawa Channel Heritage Walk (from the Suspension bridge to the Diversion Dam; accessed either by the suspension bridge or the diversion dam at the end of PR 211), and Alice Chambers Trail.

North Whiteshell Trail – North Whiteshell Trail is a 104.77 km long trail from the dam at Seven Sisters Falls to Caddy Lake. The trail links many trails and campsites in Whiteshell Provincial Park, and also passes through points of interest such as Bannock Point Petroforms and many waterfalls.

The Centennial Trail – Ideal for day hikes, the Centennial Trail is a 36.30 km hiking trail in Whiteshell Provincial Park. Follow this trail for views of McGillvray Falls and Lily Pond. The trail is part of the Border to Beaches network.

South Whiteshell Trail – Runs from Rennie to the Ontario border and stretches a total of 48.85 km. The Centennial portion of this trail runs from the Bear Lake Trailhead to Caddy Lake (25 km). From Caddy Lake to West Hawk Lake is another 14 km, with a spur trail from West Hawk to Falcon Lake. A Marsh trail crossing to the South Shore of Falcon Lake makes up the next 14 km. The trail will further continue down the Falcon Lake South Shore to High Lake near the Ontario border (not yet completed).

Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park

It is the undisturbed wilderness of the Park that calls to visitors who wish for wilderness adventure. Atikaki’s rugged terrain along with abundant fresh water offers unique experiences as well as some of the Province’s most beautiful scenery and water routes. Canadian Heritage River, the Bloodvein River flows through the park. You can enjoy a range of outdoor recreational experiences from canoeing (there are over 1000 km of interconnected waterways), kayaking, and whitewater rafting, in addition to angling and wildlife viewing. Details

Mantario Trail

Mantario Trail is a challenging three to six-day hike of 63-km. The terrain is rough rugged shield country. The trail is accessible via PR 312 and Big Whiteshell Lake. A major part of the trail runs through the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Details

A Maze in Corn

There is something for everyone here. Petting zoos, corn mazes, zip lines, 15-foot tall bale pyramids, sunflower expo, great Pumpkin barn can be enjoyed here. During Halloween, enjoy an interactive outdoor experience you wouldn’t forget at the Haunted Forest. Come winter and the place is transformed into the World’s largest snow maze! Details

A Maze in Corn

Photo Credit: Eastman Tourism

Moose Lake Provincial Park

Perfect for a weekend getaway, Moose Lake Provincial Park offers many activities for your enjoyment. Be it a stroll along the beach or viewing wildlife, fishing or boating, or a enjoying a picnic at one of the many picnic shelters, visitors to the park always enjoy a wonderful time. Details

Paddle the Pinawa Channel

A go-to destination for paddlers who want to enjoy a day of relaxed paddling. With beautiful scenery and calm moving water, this is a great option for beginner paddlers for a day trip. Explore the ruins of the Pinawa Dam before you head off. Map

To plan a 4-day paddling safari, see here.


Photo Credit: Eastman Tourism

Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park

The ruins of Manitoba’s first hydro-electric generating station, Pinawa Dam is located at the Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park. Today, this scenic park is a popular spot for visitors who want to learn more about the Dam and the old townsite as well as with hikers who want to trek the many trails that weave through the park, including the Trans-Canada Trail. Details

Be sure to see the Pinawa Heritage Sundial if you passing through Pinawa.

Pine to Prairie International Birding Trail

Drive along the Pine to Prairie International Birding Trail to watch birds and other wildlife. Along the way, you can see Manitoba’s provincial bird, Great Gray Owl, endangered Piping Plover, and other birds such as Spruce Grouse, Yellow Rail, Black-backed Woodpecker and more. This guide can be used to plan day trips or weeklong excursions as the complete itinerary could take up to two weeks if you visit every site. Details

Trumpeter Swans

Marchand Provincial Park

Marchand Provincial Park is a small recreational park where visitors can enjoy various outdoor recreational activities during the day. Enjoy a picnic or hike and bike along the trails here. The park is also a staging area for horseback riders, snowmobilers and cross-country skiers. Details

The Weston Family Tallgrass Prairie Interpretive Centre

Experience one of the rarest ecosystems in North America, the tallgrass prairie. The Interpretive Centre is located in the heart of the Manitoba Tallgrass Preserve. Here, you can learn about the wildlife that inhabits the region, its history, why its important to maintain this natural habitat and take part in a guided tour. Details

Sandilands Provincial Forest

Imagine thousands of acres of land with sand hills, wetland, and above all else a natural forest, that provides many opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, ATV riding, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing. That’s Sandilands Provincial Forest. Plan a trip to the Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre to learn more about this nature attraction. Details

Pinawa Provincial Park

This is the smallest provincial park in the province. Birdwatchers, anglers as well as picnickers frequent the place. Anglers can reel in a variety of fish including walleye, northern pike, goldeye, yellow perch, bass and lake sturgeon come here. The park also has a boat launch that provides access to the Winnipeg River between the Seven Sisters Generating Station and Lac du Bonnet. Details

Paddle the Roseau River

Roseau River is an amazing place to go canoeing and kayaking. Depending on the water level, you can encounter up to Class 2 rapids. Start your journey from Stuartburn and make your way following the mile markers all along the way to Roseau River Park and then to PR 218. The lower half of the route is particularly challenging with seemingly many rapids. Those who want to enjoy a more relaxed experience can camp out at the Roseau River Campground. Route Map (PDF)

Nopiming Provincial Park

Enter the wilderness of the Shield country at the Nopiming Provincial Park. The park provides some of the best road-accessible canoeing experiences in Manitoba. Explore the park’s waterways on canoes like the adventurous voyageurs of the past. These canoe routes may take a minimum of two to four days. This park was also one of the most active mining areas in Manitoba, producing large amounts of gold and silver. Know more about the area’s early townsites and mines from the interpretive signs. Hike along the ‘Walking on Ancient Mountains’ trail looking for clues about the park’s natural history. Fish for walleye, northern pike and trout. Apart from these, a major attraction is the lookout at the Tulabi Falls and camping out in a wilderness setting. Details

Fishing at Powerview-Pine Falls

Powerview-Pine Falls is a well-known fishing destination and conducts various fishing tournaments. Located just south of the entrance of the Lake Winnipeg, this is a great place to hook a trophy walleye.

Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary and Visitor Centre

This is the place to visit to see plenty of Canadian geese. With various scheduled programs, displays, and activities from spring to fall, the Interpretive Centre here ensures that all visitors to this place leave with the feeling of a day well spent. Visit early June to see goslings, or between late August and Thanksgiving during fall migration. Details

South Atikaki Provincial Park

If wilderness camping calls to the adventurer in you, head to South Atikaki Provincial Park. The park is most frequented by people who are looking for solitude or a challenging landscape. Canoeing, wilderness camping, boating, fishing, hunting, and motorized boating. Details

Whiteshell Provincial Park

A four-season park, Whiteshell’s many lakes and rivers make it a popular destination with visitors. Many activities such as fishing, swimming, hiking, canoeing, snowmobiling, scuba diving can be enjoyed here. Located in the Canadian Shield region, Whiteshell is characterized by wilderness, massive rock cliffs, and valleys. Details

Falcon Beach Ranch – Experience life at a ranch! The ranch offers many trail ride options that cater to your experience level. The ranch also offers Overnight rides where you camp overnight by the lakeshore and enjoy a full steak dinner cooked over an open fire. This is a great place to take your kids for their first ride.

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Blue Highway Mountain Bike Trail

This is a mountain bike trail that is very popular with bikers because it has some of the most bike-friendly granite ridges and plateaus in Manitoba. The trial is located at Whiteshell and can be accessed via the Centennial trail. The trail can be navigated using the GPS tracks from the Trail Forks website or using free Trail Forks app. Details

Wanipigow Lake Archaeological Site

Visit this historically significant site dating back approximately 6,000 years ago. Translated to mean hollow water, the site contains information about past Indigenous life. Evidence of harvesting of wild rice and goosefoot and distinctive pottery was discovered here. Details

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Stand Up Paddleboard Adventures

Enjoy Manitoba’s waterways through paddleboarding. If you are new to paddleboarding sing up for a Basic Skills SUP course with Nature Edge Tourism Co. Details

St. Malo Provincial Park

Aspen and oak forest, tallgrass prairie, and abundant wildlife are what greets the visitors at St. Malo. The activities at the park are centred around a man-made reservoir (formed when a dam was built over the Rat River in 1958). Come here on a hot summer day, to enjoy a refreshing swim at the beach, or canoe the calm waters here. In summer, the trails here are used for hiking and cycling. The winter months see visitors cross-country ski along the trails. The park holds the St. Malo Triathlon and the annual pilgrimage to Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto and shrine in summer. For a short hike, try the 0.8-km Dyke trail that explore the Rat River dam and dyke. A great spot for family gatherings, this is an ideal space to spend a lazy day or an active vacation. Details

St. Malo Loop

This is a 4.2 km trail accessed from the Main Parking lot at St. Malo Provincial Park. One of the main features of the trail is the St. Malo Grotto, a reproduction of the Grotto in Lourdes, France. Details (PDF link)

Beaches of 59

Beaches of 59 refers to the East beaches along Highway 59 and includes the beaches from Brokenhead north to Grand Beach. Laze on white sand beaches, or catch the next big one, enjoy a nature walk or go kayaking, enjoy bird watching or have a picnic. Details

Paddle the Whitemouth River

This is a great trip to undertake for both beginner and experienced paddlers. Located a little over an hour’s drive from Winnipeg, the route has marked entry/exit points to follow and offers calm passages as well as rapids to navigate ranging from Class 1 to 3. Route Map (PDF) For other easily accessible overnight or weekend trips, check out this booklet on Canoeing in South Eastern Manitoba curtesy Paddle Manitoba.

O Roseau

This is an adventure area that has something for everyone. Recreational activities for visitors to enjoy include biking, hiking, camping, wildlife viewing, tubing, rafting, swimming, geocaching, and winter activities such as snow-shoeing, tobogganing, skating, cross-country skiing. There are many nature trails to explore including sections of the Crow Wing Trail. Experience the voyageur life of the 1800s during the Crow Wing Camp. The area is also popular with photographers, painters, writers, and others looking for a relaxing time with nature. Details

O Roseau

Picnic at Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park

This is a great place to spend a day enjoying beauty of nature. Pack a picnic and head over to this piece of land which is the staging and nesting area of the spectacular Great gray owl, Manitoba’s provincial bird. The park is also a popular place for fishing, as well as for bird watching. Details

Tourond Creek Discovery Centre

Explore nature activities at the Tourond Creek Discovery Centre. This outdoor area with diverse plant and animal species is a great classroom and a great place to connect with nature. Details

Adventures at Altitude

Want to try hang gliding? Altitude is just the place for you! First-timers are offered introductory ground school lessons after which they can experience free flight soaring. Experience the excitement of flight when you hook into a Hang Glider, or motorized Ultralight, Flying Boat, or a Flying Snowmobile. Details

Grand Beach Provincial Park

Stretches of fine white sand beaches, grass-topped dunes that reach as high as 12 meters, a large lagoon/marsh, jackpine forest, and a spruce bog characterizes the park. The park is located on the east shore of Lake Winnipeg and next to the historic La Vérendrye Trail (The La Vérendrye Trail follows the routes taken by La Vérendrye on his fur-trading route along the Winnipeg River). Camping, swimming, hiking are popular activities here. Details

Ancient Beach Trail – Walk along the ancient beaches of the ancient Lake Agassiz which disappeared 8000 years ago.

Trails at Sandilands Provincial Forest

There are many trails to enjoy at Sandilands Provincial Forest, but the three trails mentioned here provide a brief insight into the natural history of the area. The 0.5 km Sagimay Trail that meanders through aspen forest, a bog, and sandy soil; the 2.5 km Pine Ridge Trail through a pine forest, and the 0.8 km Old Beaver Dam loop Trail passes over the Beaven Bridge, one of the few suspension bridges in Manitoba. You can get the trail maps from the Sandilands Forest Discovery Centre. Details

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Historic Dawson Trail

Dating back to the beginning of the pioneer days is the historic Dawson trail. This 530 -mile land and river route from Fort William to Red River is named after Simon J. Dawson, who surveyed the land and engineered the construction of the trail. This was Canada’s first attempt to provide an all-Canadian highway linking the east with the prairies. Most of the trail are still in use including Highway 12 from St. Boniface to Ste. Anne as well as Provincial Road 207 between the communities of Richer and Lorette. Further east, Dawson Trail is now known as Dawson Road. The Dawson Trail encompasses two provincial forests, Sandilands Forest and Northwest Angle Forest.

Most of the original Dawson trail was built as a corduroy road (made by laying logs perpendicular to the road) which gives better access through muddy terrains. On parts of the trails, one can still see remnants of the corduroy road. The original trail is not maintained especially in forest trails, which makes it impassable. Parts of the Dawson trail at Sandilands Provincial Forest are popular with ATV riders. ATV Ride Map.

Little Bigfoot Trail

A larger copy of the map is available at the staging area kiosk in the Woodridge Provincial Park on highway 210 and Sandilands road at the old fire tower location. ATV Trail Map

Centre of Canada Park

The 20-acre park, located along the TransCanada Highway marks the geographic centre of Canada. Details

Centre of Canada Park

Deer Meadow Farms

Well-known for their unique corn maze designs year after year, the farm is a great place for fun farm activities. Children especially love coming here to play at their petting farm, enjoying their wagon rides, bale pyramids, and other activities and games. Take a wagon ride through their Wild Game Preserve to spot Fallow Deer. Details

Cripple Creek Campground

Located at the Sandilands Forest is a family-run campground with 76 acres to explore. Enjoy biking, hiking and nature walks. Camp overnight or just enjoy a day of fun with friends and family playing horseshoes, ladderball or beach volleyball, croquet, bocce ball and other fun family activities. Another popular activity is swimming at the KaMaKi beach. Details

Pocock Lake Ecological Reserve

The most remarkable feature of this reserve is the many varieties of plant communities that seen here from drought-tolerant to moisture-tolerant species ranging from plants like Jack pine, white
birch, trembling aspen, tamarack to bog-lake fringe varieties. This is the place to see the rare bellwort, yellow birch, and iron wood. The Reserve is located 30-km southeast of Steinbach
in the Sandilands Provincial Forest. Visitors should keep in mind that this is an ecological reserve and though open to the general public, is meant for passive non-consumptive recreation on foot (e.g. walking, wildlife viewing). Details

La Broquerie’s Historical Trail

Go on a trip down the memory lane along this historic track which takes you along historical areas in the community. The trail takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. The interpretive as well as virtual content signs (QR codes) at the sites will provide visitors with information about the trail. Details

Lilac Resort, RV, Lodging and Water Park

20 minutes east of Winnipeg on Trans Canada Highway #1 is an RV, Lodging, and Water Park Resort. This family vacation destination has pools, hot tubs, water slides, activities, live weekend entertainment, and other fun activities to enjoy. Details

Birds Hill Provincial Park

Popular as the home of the Winnipeg Folk Festival, this Provincial Park is a year-round park with many recreational activities to enjoy. Wildlife viewing, camping, hiking, horseback riding, winter activities, swimming, picnicking are but few of the popular activities enjoyed by visitors. Details

Horseback Trail Rides

Explore country roads, riverbanks, meadows, forested trails on horseback. These ticketed trails are of one-hour duration and are offered during the summer months. Details

Thunderbird Nest

Learn the legend of the Thunderbird, the guardian of mankind. The legendary Thunderbird is described as a super eagle able to transform into a man, and can cause lightning by the flashing of its eyes. Hike the trail to a rock formation of the nest depressed in the ground. Five hand-painted signs describe the legend. Located 3 km/2 mi. west of The Narrows on Hwy. 68. Details

Portia Marsh Interpretive Centre

Take time out to view a unique waterfowl staging area of duck, geese, and other water birds. Go along the boardwalk to enjoy this marshland and its wildlife. In the middle of the boardwalk is a lookout platform where you can take in the whole surrounding region. You can enjoy a picnic at picnic sites located adjacent to the marsh. Details

Beausejour Daylily Gardens

Enter the enchanting world of flowers. Daylilies, peonies, iris, and many ornamental shrubs and trees are showcased in the garden. This is the only official American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) display garden on the Canadian prairies. Details

Beausejour Daylily Gardens

Photo Credit: Beausejour Daylily Gardens

Birch Point Provincial Park

Located within the Sprague/Northwest Angle Provincial Forest, this small park has 26 basic camp sites. There is also a boat launch from where you can access fishing throughout the year. This boat launch is the only public access point and boat launch to Manitoba’s portion of Lake of the Woods. The park is located 7 km southeast of Moose Lake Provincial Park. Details

Lac du Bonnet Heritage Walking Tour

Explore the rich history of Lac du Bonnet along this heritage walking tour. Details (PDF link)

You may also like to try the Lac du Bonnet Historical Geocahe tour. Details (PDF link)

Maskwa Project

A perfect choice for any person looking for a low budget, appropriate technology retreat centre. This is also a great place for families and small groups to enjoy time in a remote and peaceful surrounding, located within a 75-minute drive from Winnipeg. Details

Maskwa Project

Photo Credit: Mardel Maduro , M-Squared Visuals

Manitoba Tall Grass Prairie Preserve

Located between the towns of Tolstoi, Gardenton and Vita, Manitoba Tall Grass Prairie Preserve is the largest remnant of tall grass prairie in Canada. The Tall Grass Prairie Preserve consists of over 6000 acres of tall grass prairie broken into north and south blocks. There are two trails that can be explored here, The Agassiz Interpretive Trail in the north block and the Prairie Shore Interpretive Trail in the south block. A visit to this part of Manitoba is important in understanding the importance of conserving this piece of natural ecosystem. Teaming with a variety of wildlife, birds and plant species, this endangered ecosystem is a rare gem. Situated on Provincial Road 201, 11.5 km east of Highway 59 between Vita and Stuartburn. Visitors to this region should be mindful of the critical nature of this region and take due care. Details

Prairie Shore Interpretive Trail – This is a short 1-mile self-guiding trail that calls to bird watchers and plant lovers to explore this unique land located three kilometers east of Tolstoi on Provincial Road 209. On the second Saturday of August, Man.itoba’s Tall Grass Prairie Preserve hosts its annual Prairie Day event with special programs that highlight the unique features of this region.

Agassiz Interpretive Trail – So-named because it is situated on the old rocky beach ridges of glacial Lake Agassiz, the trail is a place to see one of the rarest ecosystem in Canada. The Agassiz Interpretive Trail has two hiking options – a 3-km trail around the 320-acre site and a shorter 1.75 km hike weaving through 160 acres. Endangered species such as lady’s-slipper and Orchids can be found in this area, in addition to other diverse plants and animals. Be sure to carry your camera and binoculars as this is a great place for bird watching. Visit in July to see the Prairie Fringed Orchid in bloom. Get directions to the Prairie Orchid Trail – Trailhead

Steinbach Heritage Walking Tour

Discover the history and heritage of Steinbach during the Steinbach Heritage Walking tour. Details

Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Trail

This is a sacred area used by the local Ojibway for over 300 years to gather food and medicinal plants and for sacred ceremonies. The trail highlights the significance of the historic cultural connection between the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation and the Brokenhead Wetland. Rare plants such as wild orchids, insect-eating plants and mushrooms are found along the trail. The trail is 3.66 km return and is located approximately 80 km (50 mi.) north of Winnipeg along Highway 59. Details

Spur Woods Wildlife Management Area

Enjoy a hike through the Spur Woods Wildlife Management Area. Spur Woods is home to marsh birds, as well as a variety of owls. Watch for the Great Gray Owl, and the Northern Saw- whet and boreal owls. You may also find large pileated woodpecker and the rare pine marten. Details


Camp out with family and friends to truly experience the outdoors! Check out these family-owned campgrounds in Manitoba. Details

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