25 Day Trips for Spring from Toronto

25 Day Trips for Spring from Toronto

Credit: Huron Birding Festival

Itching to get away even for a day to enjoy elusive sunny days of spring? Here are 25-day trips from Toronto to enjoy the best of spring.

Birding [Various Places]


The diverse habitats across Ontario support marsh, shore and field birds and a spectacular number of migratory birds stopover at various parts of Ontario during spring migration. Plenty of events are held to celebrate this wonder of a phenomenon. Here are the most famous and must attend festivals whether you are a avid birder or just looking to spend some time immersed in nature.

Flower Festivals [Various Places]

You do not have to be a florist, anthophile or a gardener, to be excited by the sight and smell of flowers. The love of flowers cuts across age and gender; flowers are a sign of love, gratitude, and beauty and are favoured plants the world over. Visit the gardens or attend a festival to enjoy the best of spring.

Dundurn Castle [1 hr from Toronto]

Part of the Dundurn National Historic Site, Dundurn Castle is a 40-room neoclassical villa built in the 1930s. It has strong historical significance to Hamilton’s early settlers and to several wars. The opulence of the castle draws many visitors to check out a slice of Canadian history.

Wineries in Beamsville [1 hr from Toronto]

Beamsville is one of the closest wine-growing regions to Toronto, a place that many top Ontario producers call home because of its great sloping vineyards and consistent growing conditions – perfect for growing. There is a relaxed lull about the region, and plenty of wineries to satisfy your taste buds.

Midland [1 hr 50 minutes from Toronto]


Midland is made from the stuff that history buffs love – dotted with notable historic sites, the town was founded back in 1878, and shows off its living museum of missionary life in the 17th century, the Roman Catholic Martyrs’ Shrine, and the Wye Marsh Wildlife Center for a little nature break.

Sibbald Point [1 hr 30 minutes from Toronto]

Sibbald Point is one of Ontario’s top choices for swimming, fishing, and camping trip. The waters of Lake Simcoe welcome visitors for swimming, the abundance of fish allow anglers to get a good catch, and six group sites for camping.
Address: 26071 York Rd 18
Phone: 905-722-8061

Mount Nemo [1 hr from Toronto]

Mount Nemo is a rock climber’s paradise. With classic Niagara Escarpment crag features, the several walls for climbing include the Alfred Wall, Iguana Wall, and Ivory Tower, and more – diverging from sport and trad climbing.
Address: 5317 Guelph Line, Burlington
Phone: 905-854-0262

Fifty Point Conservation Area [1 hr 10 minutes from Toronto]

This vast 80-hectare park has brilliant marina facilities and a wonderful lakefront promenade. Go for a dip in Lake Ontario, pack a picnic, and even stay overnight on a campsite. Spring is the ideal season to experience it all in this conservation area.

Spirit Tree Cidery [1 hr 10 minutes from Toronto]


Credit: Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

The Spirit Tree Cidery is not just a cidery, it is a kitchen, bakery, and farm store that focuses on local products and keeping it small and community-focused. Spoil yourself with wonderful baked goods, homemade cider, even pick your own apples and maybe something up from the farm shop.
Address: 1137 Boston Mills Road, Caledon
Phone: 905-838-2530

Boating on Honey Harbour [2 hrs from Toronto]

Honey Harbour is the launching point to the Georgian Bay’s 30,000 islands which are populated with summer cottages. The islands are like a place of their own, with a church, school, stores, a bakery, and grocery store. Several beaches line the shore too, which make this area even more of a draw for the holidays.

Island Lake Conservation Area [1 hr 20 minutes from Toronto]

Just a short way away from the city, this beautiful nature haven is a great place to walk, hike, fish, paddle board, and even just be outdoors after exploring downtown Orangeville. Many families enjoy coming here for the short trails and boardwalk.
Address: 673067 Hurontario Street, Orangeville
Phone: 800-367-0890

The Apple Pie Trail [2 hrs 15 minutes from Toronto]


Open year-round, the Apple Pie Trail has a certain type of magic, where you can experience wine tasting alongside a vineyard tour, a paddle on the lake, a waterfall walk, or even an extravagant helicopter ride.
Address: 796455 Grey Road 19, Unit 2, Blue Mountains
Phone: 705-444-7398

Wine Country Cooking School [1 hr 40 minutes from Toronto]

Get hands-on at the Wine Country Cooking School with five-hour long classes on cooking that involves local products in three courses. Eat alongside other participants of the course and enjoy wine pairings in the private diner.
Address: 1339 Lakeshore Road, RR#3, Niagara-on-the-Lake
Phone: 905-468-1229

Rice Lake [2 hrs from Toronto]

Nestled in the Northumberland and Peterborough counties, Rice Lake is popular for its ZimArt Lake Gallery and its lush Beagle Club Trailhead for hiking. Wild rice once grew in the lake and was harvested by natives; it’s shallow waters are ideal for paddling.

Royal Botanical Gardens [1 hr from Toronto]


Credit: Royal Botanical Garden

A hotspot for events and fun activities, the Royal Botanical Gardens connects the public to the wonders of plant life and horticulture. Check out the plants and flowers of the season, the art in the park, and walk on a nature trail.
Address: 680 Plains Road West, Burlington
Phone: 905-527-1158

Niagara Falls [1 hr 30 minutes from Toronto]

A quintessential Ontario adventure is a trip to Niagara Falls– the title that encompasses the three waterfalls that are the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls. The falls are a stunning vision of natural beauty in the day time and light up during the evenings.

Warkworth [2 hrs from Toronto]

Warkworth has become synonymous with the Warkworth Lilac Festival that runs through the month of May. It possesses a pervading rural charm and has a distinct well-preserved medieval castle that can be viewed over the rest of the structures and houses. Many enjoy a visit to the village for the historical buildings and artisan shops.

Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain [2 hrs 10 minutes from Toronto]


Credit: Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

Soak in a Scandinavian Bath and transport yourself into another world, where your worries are gone and your body is rejuvenated. A trip to the spain the Spring season is especially rewarding, as you are able to indulge in the natural beauty of the surroundings as well.
Address: 152 Grey Road 21, Blue Mountains
Phone: 877-988-8484

Elora Gorge Conservation Area [1 hr 45 minutes from Toronto]

This natural area is part of the Grand River Valley, with its river rushing past high cliffs and hiking trails where hikers can marvel at the rustic qualities of the landscape around them. The century-old mill and 450 campsites make Elora Gorge the pinnacle of a rugged outdoor adventure.
Address: 7400 Wellington County Rd.
Phone: 519-846-9742

Stratford [2 hrs from Toronto]


Stratford is known for its arts. The city has hosted the Stratford Shakespeare Festival since 1953 and boasts theatre-themed bed and breakfasts, local neighbourhood-style bars and restaurants, and live music culture. Visit Stratford in April, for a fabulous swan parade along Lakeside Drive in Stratford. Watch the gorgeous and graceful swans stroll toward the Avon River. It is not considered spring if the swans are not released from its winter quarters which is located behind the William Allman Arena.

The Toronto Islands [15-minute ferry ride from Toronto]

This chain of small islands come together to form a highly popular recreation spot for Torontonians and tourists. Biking is the most popular activity, along with canoeing, kayaking, and frisbee golf, as well as simply relaxing on a quiet Spring day.

Niagara-on-the-Lake [1 hr 30 minutes from Toronto]


This quaint, picturesque townnear the famed Niagara Falls is a top destination for Spring. Due to its 19th-century village/wine country feel, it is described as the prettiest town in Ontario. You can take a tour, stop by a winery, or learn about the history of the town.

Rock Point Provincial Park [1 hr 50 minutes from Toronto]


Credit: Rock Point Provincial Park

The highlight of Rock Point Provincial Park is the fossils of a coral reef dating back to more than 350 million years embedded in the beach’s limestone shelf. Great swimming opportunities are available at the natural pebble/sand beach.
Address: 215 Niece Road, Dunnville
Phone: 905-774-6642

Eugenia Falls [2 hours from Toronto]

Although one of the many waterfalls of the Niagara Escarpment, Eugenia Falls is considered one of the most striking of them all. Spring is surprisingly the best time to get your adventure on by exploring the gorge as it is when the flow over the falls is almost full.

Rockwood Conservation Area [1 hour 15 minutes from Toronto]

Canoe on the Eramosa River or hike on one of the trails along it at the Rockwood Conservation Area as you take in the towering limestone cliffs, and glacial potholes. The entire setting of the area is picture-perfect, where the greenery reflects perfectly in the clear water.
Address: 161 Fall Street South, Rockwood
Phone: 519-856-9543

Ste. Anne’s Spa [1 hr 30 minutes from Toronto]


Credit: Ste. Anne’s Spa

Take a well-deserved break from busy city life and a treat yourself to a spa day at Ste. Anne’s Spa. The spa provides outdoor hot tubs, a wellness centre, and massage services.
Address: 1009 Massey Rd, Grafton
Phone: 888-346-6772

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