15 Places to Get Tasty Bubble Tea in Edmonton


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What often makes a great cup of bubble tea are the fresh and quality ingredients like fruits, the tapioca, the jelly, or the teas themselves. Each of these Edmonton bubble tea shops certainly serve fresh ingredients, but many of them also add their own unique twists to the often milky or iced drink, usually poured over tapioca balls (the bubbles).

In Edmonton, the best bubble tea means variety, fun flavours, tradition, innovation, and of course the quality!



The bubble tea at this south Edmonton shop draws its inspirations from all over! In your flavourful teas, you will get hints of tastes from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Canada. With a focus on fresh ingredients, TeaCup2Go offer creations like the Coconut Lover, Dinosaur Tea, Matcha Tea, or the Jelly Juice Cup.

TeaCup2Go: 2960 Ellwood Dr SW, Edmonton

Gong Cha (West Edmonton Mall)

This proudly Canadian bubble tea shop is inside West Ed, so it’s a great place to stop for a post-shopping refreshment. Gong Cha have a large menu of iced tea and bubble tea flavours in a variety of fun flavours like a Match Smoothie, Sticky Purple Rice Milk Tea, Milk Foam Black Forest, or the QQ Passionfruit Green Tea.

Gong Cha:

  • #2170 West Edmonton Mall – 8882 170 St. NW, Edmonton. Phone: (587) 469-5588
  • Gong Cha Whyte Ave: 10342 81 AVE NW, Edmonton. Phone: (587)469-5588
  • Gong Cha Ultima: 10236 103 ST NW, Edmonton. Phone:(780)244-2288

My Tea

My Tea on Whyte offer iced bubble tea as well as blended smoothies, and are welcome to order customizations- whether for food allergies or for tastes. Their teas come made with milk, fruit, or brown sugar, and can be blended with a wide assortment of different fruits and toppings.

  • My Tea:10728C 82 Ave. NW, Edmonton. Phone:(780) 705-9488

Tasty Choice

You could fill up on Tasty Choice’s rice and noodle meals, their appetizers, or their desserts, but be sure to save room for their real fruit Bubble Teas. You have the options of fresh fruit bubble teas made with lychee, strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, peach, jack fruit, and more.

  • Tasty Choice: #107 2920 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton. Phone:(780) 485-8815

Dream Tea House

You could dream about bubble tea all day, but bring it to life at the Dream Tea House and their several Edmonton locations. The shop is currently celebrating the 18th anniversary of opening their doors with a Mango Colada Cyrstal Ball Tea. If these flavours aren’t for you, Dream Tea also create bubble tea with green apple, mango juice, coffee, avocado, and more; or create your own custom drink!

Dream Tea House:

  • Ellerslie: 5065 Ellerslie Rd. SW, Edmonton. Phone:(780) 395-0011
  • Heritage: 2160 109 St NW, Edmonton. Phone:(587) 520-1188
  • Oliver Village: 11242 104 Ave NW, Edmonton. Phone:(780) 425-8966
  • Old Strathcona: 7912 104 St NW, Edmonton. Phone:(780) 988-7878
  • North Side: 158 9450 137 Ave NW, Edmonton. Phone:(780) 756-3937
  • West Edmonton Mall: #2584 8882 170 St NW, Edmonton. Phone:(780) 705-9842

Bubble T

This highly rated and reviewed bubble tea shop in downtown Edmonton offers up their drinks in store and on the delivery apps. But if you get bubble tea, then you must also try their bubble waffle! The Hong Kong Egg Waffle (bubble waffle) with one of their fresh fruit teas is a lovely start to the morning, with tea flavours like passion fruit, jasmine, green apple, almond, coconut, and many more.

  • Bubble T:10015 109A Ave. NW, Edmonton. Phone: (780) 425-6404
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Hi Tea & Hi Chicken

On top of all of the food, Hi Tea & Hi Chicken serve a huge variety of bubble tea flavours. You can pick from fruit teas and tapioca balls, coffee and tapioca, fruit with jelly balls, chocolate flavours with jelly balls, Taiwan Milk Tea flavours, or iced tea with tapioca balls. And on a hot summer day, you may want to make your bubble tea a slushy or smoothie drink over tapioca bubbles- these are also available in a wide variety of fruit flavours.



The colourful array of refreshing drinks from Bubbletopia include shaken, slushy, and milky teas over tapioca. Some of their drinks offer more simple and traditional flavours like coconut, honey, and taro; but you can also find a unique assortment of bubble and milk tea flavours like oreo, banana and coconut, lychee with peach, or green apple jelly.

  • Bubbletopia:16761 91 St NW #205, Edmonton. Phone:(587) 523-3700

Sapporo Sushi Ramen & Bubble Tea

Sapporo is one of Edmonton’s newest Bubble Tea locations, and you can now find them on DoorDash and Skip! Visit them in Edmonton’s northeast for a sweet drink, or a full meal of delicious ramen and sushi. Visit them to try their assortment of fruity bubble tea flavours like Matcha, banana, avocado, cantaloupe, or blueberry.

The Tea Place

We encourage an in-person visit for the Tea Place as there is a lot more to see than their menu and food. The restaurant contains a full gift and tea shop where you can find a variety of goodies, an express café, and a tearoom. But if you’re just looking for good bubble tea, this north end shop is a good place to start. They offer five different bubble options along with milky, fruity, and dairy-free bubble teas.

  • The Tea Place: 13671 Saint Albert Trail, Edmonton. Phone: 780-452-3431

Wow Pop Chicken & Bubble Tea

The make your own system at Wow Pop can make the experience worth trying the bubble tea alone, especially if its your first time! Choose from fruity flavours like honeydew, apple, mango, or richer flavours like chocolate, café mocha, and coconut. Then add more; their toppings also include several fruits for perfecting and finishing off your bubble tea creation.


Tea Bar Café

Why not get your bubble tea from the “specialists?” Tea Bar Café receives rave reviews over their cold teas that come in daily special flavours. The bubble tea is served alongside a café style food menu, and they are reliable; the Tea Bar Café is open 13 hours a day, 6 days a week.


Being on Whyte and in central Edmonton makes Heeretea a convenient choice, sure. But they are a delicious choice due to their signature teas, premium fruit teas, their hot drinks, and their seasonally rotating blends. Some of these ‘new trends’ include Taro Bobo Milk, lychee green tea, and brulee bubble milk tea.

  • Heeretea:11116 82 Ave NW, Edmonton. Phone: (780) 988-8105

TSUJIRI Japanese Tea House

TSUJIRI is your chance to try a heavenly tea float! These whipped and creamy treats come in citrus yuzu, houjicha, and green matcha flavours. This Japanese Tea House also provide a large menu for traditional bubble tea and some delectable pastries.

TSUJIRI Japanese Tea House

  • Downtown: 10173 109 St NW, Edmonton
  • West Edmonton Mall: #2355 8882 170 St NW, Edmonton

The Alley

The West Edmonton Mall location of The Alley makes it a popular drink destination for shoppers. You can also attribute their popularity to their crafty menu of tea drinks like lattes, slushies, bubble tea, their brown sugar series, or their specialty drinks. The Alley drinks come in a variety of hot and cold servings, fruity flavours, or chocolatey and creamy flavours.

  • The Alley: 8882 170 Street Northwest #2571, , Edmonton ( Alberta-wide bubble tea shop)


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