Where to See Salmon Run in Greater Toronto Area

Photo Credit: TRCA

Early September to November when temperatures are between 3°C to 10°C, Pacific Salmon (Coho, Chinook) migrate upstream from Ontario’s Great Lakes  to lay their eggs in the shallows before winter settles in.

Here are few places to go within GTA to see the once silver coloured fish, that is now almost black in colour, making the final trip of their lives.

  1. Scarborough – Highland Creek: Walk from Morningside Park and follow Highland Creek. Follow the trail along Highland creek from Morningside park to Colonel Danforth Park to Lower Highland Creek Park.  Toronto Region Conservation Authority holds an yearly “Highland Creek Salmon Festival” at Morningside Park.  Join for guided nature hikes to see the salmon running upstream as well as wildlife displays, live performances, environmental displays, local food, a farmer’s market and more!
  2. North York – Charles Sauriol Conservation Area (1191 Lawerence Ave E): Head over to this conservation area to spot some large Chinook salmon fighting their way upstream to spawn near the bridge crossing to the east side of the Don river.
  3. Etobicoke – Etienne Brule Park: Spot Salmon making the metre-and-a-half jump (Old Mill dam)to get upstream to spawn in up the Humber River. You can also see the Salmon making there way up the TRCA constructed fish ladder at Raymore Park Dam( 93 Raymore Dr, Etobicoke).
  4. Mississauga – Erindale Park & Riverwood Conservancy Trails: See Salmon making their way up Credit River  as you hike the The Culham Trail.  You can also follow trails along Credit River from Riverwood Conservancy to Streetsville. Riverwood Conservancy also holds many Salmon Run related hikes and talks.  Hewick Meadows Park (Credit Point Dr) is another great location.  Follow the trail north from the parking lot accessible from eastbound Eglinton Avenue east of Mississauga Road to the location of where two pedestrian bridges over the Credit River.
  5. Pickering – Duffins Creek:  See Salmon making their way up on Duffins Creek. A great venue is the Seaton Trail from Whitevale Park that meanders by the Whitevale Dam where you can see Salmon jumping up the dam. The trail can be accessed from the south end of Whitevale Park or the northeast side of the Whitevale Bridge. Greenwood Conservation Area trail along Duffins Creek is another great location to view the Salmon. If you want to join for a guided hike, participate in Duffins Creek Salmon Festival. 

If you really want an in-depth experience and a wonderful “Salmon” themed Fall getaway, visit Owen Sound.


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  1. rita burke

    It is certainly a sight to behold…Can only experience it to believe it.

    October 11, 2017 at 9:28 AM
  2. FishingFrames

    It’s an incredible sight! check out a small clip of the Old Mill dam (Humber river) Salmon run.

    October 15, 2017 at 6:19 PM

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